Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie commutes by bike

This story about Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie is very cool. As a Mormon he spent two years as a missionary, so perhaps that’s where he got his bike riding start. It’s excellent that he still gets around by bike.

It seems as if half the Orioles team gets around on two wheels and a handlebar. The Orioles might be the only team that has more use for a bike rack than a bat rack.

Fans are accustomed to the players’ lot being filled with expensive rides – sports cars, HUVs, private jets. But you should check out the clubhouse sometime, or the weight room. There are enough bikes parked there to hold the Tour de France.

Jeremy Guthrie rides to Camden Yards six days a week during long homestands. The exception is Sundays, when his wife drops him off after they attend church in the morning. He has maintained that routine at every level of professional baseball, including his days at Triple-A Buffalo, when the trip covered 10 miles. But it was a one-way journey. His wife would pick up Guthrie and the bike for the ride home.

“I rode when it was sub-40 degrees,” he said. “It’s actually better. You don’t sweat as much.”

“I’m trying to save the planet,” Guthrie said, “one pedal at a time.”

Read more in the Baltimore Sun.

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0 thoughts on “Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie commutes by bike”

  1. ohio_cyclist says:


    How can we get more Joe six-packs to learn
    about this and realize that cyclists belong
    on the road.

    I am impressed with the cold-weather riding.
    I’ve ridden below freezing, and it was just
    a slog, trying for nothing more than survival
    and arrival.

  2. ohio_cyclist says:

    I am an electrical engineer/computer programmer.
    I have entered a design contest sponsored by
    Microchip for their PIC32 processor.

    I’ve got this idea for a electronic gadget
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    close cars pass you) but would also continually
    record audio (possibly video) but would discard
    most of it until and unless you hit a button,
    when it remembers the last minute or three,
    permanently. It also continues to record until
    you make it stop. The intent is to capture the
    harassment and insults of passing motorists
    afterwards, and to give me an opportunity to
    read off the license plate and commit it
    to something better than my memory, while
    being basically hands-free.

    It turns out that accelerometers and
    altimeters are only on the order of $15
    bucks at the component level. One of
    the things I would add (for my own bike
    geekiness) would be logging of stats
    of the whole ride, including percent grade.
    A temperature sensor is fairly cheap and
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    It occurs to me, that the accelerometer
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    I will try to also incorporate video
    recording, but that promises to be
    more difficult than just audio.

    I also have an idea how the same ultrasonic
    gear that is used to determine passing
    distance of cars, can be used to determine
    the amount of relative headwind (if you
    subtract off speed, you might get actual
    windspeed along your line of travel).

    One more thing, …. a ‘dead man’ type of
    switch … if the accelerometer detects
    too much of an impact, it will commit the
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    continue recording till shut off.

    So I guess I am soliciting input from all
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    I can make no promises about incorporating
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  3. Ringer says:

    Good for Jeremy Guthrie. It’s great to know that people with lots of money actually choose to get around by bike.

  4. Fritz says:

    Ohio: Sioux Jones is always asking for a turn signal 🙂 Maybe you could plans for your gadgets on Instructables?

    Ringer: Guthrie’s 2008 salary is $770,000. That’s more money than I’ll make this year for sure!

  5. Blue says:


    Kickass! Your device sounds great and I would love to own one myself.

    Thinking of features…

    A rocket launcher
    Machine gun
    Flame thrower

    Okay, okay, just kidding.

    I think it would be useful for the distance measurement to be recorded in association with the audio clip. Particularly in states where cars are required to provide 3 feet of clearance, such a measurement would be pretty good evidence that the vehicle violated the traffic law. Although, I would agree that a video clip associated with the distance measurement may be more bulletproof.

    I like other uses of this information as well”
    I would love to be alerted that a rear approaching vehicle has trespassed certain (user defined) distances.
    – An LED could illuminate or a speaker could announce when a vehicle is within a first range, thereby alleviating me from having to check my mirror every 5 seconds.
    – Once alerted, it would be great for the distance to be displayed, ideally in or near my rearview mirror. (I suppose with the distance information and a clock, other information could be given to the cyclist, such as the relative speed of the vehicle, or the approximate time until the vehicle passes)
    – Another announcement/warning could be made if the vehicle was too close.

    However, your device may only detect lateral distance of a passing vehicle and so all these ideas are in left field.

    Perhaps my intuition is wrong, but I have always assumed that the cyclists that are killed from rear approaching motorists were not aware of the vehicle’s trajectory or imminence.

    Good Luck and let us know about your result or progress.

  6. Fritz says:

    Careful about those machine gun jokes, John. Our peace loving cycling friends in Australia (the land that gifted us with “Mad Max”) will start talking about our obsession with violence and warfare again.

  7. Blue says:


    I think you mean,
    “Careful about those machine gun jokes, Blue”

  8. Paul Dorn says:

    Fritz: Great article. You know I’m a nut for both bicycling and baseball. And I’m excited that the Washington Nationals’ new stadium has bike parking! And, as always, go Red Sox! Paul

  9. Siouxgeonz says:

    I wonder how so *many* Orioles got into the riding thing. Could be it took one… and then once people tried it, they liked it?
    Yes, turn signals, turn signals 😀 😀 😀

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