Bianchi's city bikes for 2009

I’m looking at the preliminary 2009 Bianchi product line. I see some pretty interesting things in their road and mountain bike lineup, but this is a commuter site so I’ll keep my focus there.

For the city and commuter bikes, I see mostly evolutionary changes and enhancements to Bianchi’s existing product line. For example, the popular and inexpensive Bianchi Pista will get brakes and flat handlebars for 2009.

09 Pista: Brakes and flat bars

Besides the brake hardware and handlebars, this bike is exactly the same as its brakeless counterpart. Both this version and the brakeless version will be available in chrome and blue.

The Bianchi San Jose is a more relaxed singlespeed city bike. An all new option for 2009 is a flat bar, fender equipped bike.

09 Bianchi San Jose: flat bars and fenders

The San Jose, with its cyclocross style steel frame and fork, 700×32 tires, and cantilever brakes, is good for city riding on bumpy, potholed streets. Bianchi will also have the “San Jose Pro,” which is the fancy trim version and features a carbon fiber fork, Fizik Pave saddle, Deda Big Piega handelbar and Big Logo stem, and fenders.

I don’t see many changes in Bianchi’s Milano series of commuter bikes. The 3 speed Milano Parco shown here, for example, is identical to last year’s model. It’s a tried and true design that works, and I still love that Bianchi Celeste color.

Milano Parco 3 speed

Other models in the Milano series include the Milano Alfine 8 speed hub, the very similar Milano Citte   with 8 speed Shimano Alivio derailleur gearing, and “ladies” step through versions of each of these models.

Remember, this is a preliminary product line — Bianchi may have more on the way. CommuteByBike will be at Interbike next month to show you more of what’s new.

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0 thoughts on “Bianchi's city bikes for 2009”

  1. joel says:

    Now if they would just sell something along the lines of the Sheldon Brown/Harris Cyclery San Jos8 I might break down and buy one. A friend has a Volpe (same frame as the San Jose) and loves it.

  2. Seth Vidal says:

    The san jos8 is just the san jose with the internal hub. With flat bars on the san jose all you do is get a new wheel put together with an internal hub and put the grip shifter on.

    That’s it.

  3. joel says:

    @ Seth –

    I know that. What I was getting at is that it would be nice to see more normal (I’m not a fan of the stylized frame on the Milano) bikes that are set up for commuters, and internal hubs are a great way to go. Unfortunately, most that are available are far too expensive for new commuters to be willing to buy.

  4. Drew says:

    The Bianchi Volpe is my favorite commuter bike by far. I tend to carry lots of stuff in my panniers, so I love the handling and load-ability of this bike. City bikes certainly have their place, but not necessarily on a distant, daily commute. If you are considering a Bianchi for your next commuter, definitely check the Volpe out!

  5. xcskimt (Robert) says:

    I own a Bianchi Cross Project. This is the steel lugged version before the Axis came out. It works great for my commute into work. I just recently rode 100 miles around Lake Winnebago so the bike is comfortable too. The other positive, the bike handles nicely in the winter.

  6. Dirt McGirt says:

    I used to have a Rollo, which is the single speed version of the Milano. Worst frame design EVER!

    Those are really hard to fit due to the short as hell top tube.

    And don’t get me started on the 45 degree rear dropouts…..

    The rest of the line-up looks pretty nice, though!

    Flat bars on the Pista!>!?!?! Yeah, son!

  7. RainCityCyclist says:

    I ride a Bianchi Axis ‘cross on my daily 15 mile roudtrip commute. For Seattle’s weather, and hills, it rocks. The aluminum frame and carbon fork provide the perfect combination (for me anyhow) of stiffness and road absorbance. I ride fast and appreciate the comfort and handling of this bike. I use an Ortlieb backpack instead of panniers/racks. The frame has a great set-up for fenders and lights.

    I’m dispapointed in Bianchi’s 2009 offerings. I feel they have taken a step down in their componentry for the same bike and same price as the 2008 models. When I see bike makers do this, I feel they’re offering us less than they did the previous year, instead of more. Give su a reason to choose you! I love my bike but I wouldn’t support Bianchi’s “cheap” approach to their 2009 models.

  8. david says:

    anybody know of bianchi iseo bike?

  9. Dude says:

    I just bought a Bianchi Iseo–it’s fabulous.

  10. Yo! says:

    I just purchased an Iseo today. I commute 5 to 7 miles a day + what ever I do on my days off (about 1o -20 more). it came with cheap Shimano combo shifters wich I will replace soon. I looked up the Iseo on the Bianchi website but didnt find it.

  11. Robin says:

    I just bought an Iseo yesterday. Seems great so far. I can’t believe I can’t find it online, though. It’s not on their website.

  12. Yo! says:

    I want to replace the flat bars on my Iseo with drop or otherwise but the “tech” at the shop said not to because of the frame. Shuld I go ahead?
    I really like the Iseo btw.

  13. alex says:

    i bought an iseo the other day, i love it, i can’t ride it enough, i was also interested in replacing the flat bars with drop bars, update if you do switch your handlebars out.

  14. chad says:

    Iseo is on the Bianchiusa website under cross terrain category on the left hand side.

  15. Grant Gill says:

    I had my San Jose stolen recently and was thinking of getting another one to replaced it until I test rode the Salsa Casserole single speed. Man, it was like night and day!

  16. jimmy says:

    I have a 2009 san jose … flat bar. What a great bike. I ride it six miles a day. The rims are fantastic. The single speed is no problem. At first, I was worried about that, but no problem. You should get one.

  17. K says:

    Any ideas what I should be paying for a 2006 Volpe from craigs list?

  18. al baker says:

    I’m thinking on selling my bergamo with the shimano decore accessories and the sram dual drive gearing. what would be a feesable price to ask for it? Great bike! It is one of the bestg rides I’ve ever owned. can somebody give me an ideal as to how to price it?

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