Month: August 2008

In praise of YOU, the everyday Olympian

After bicycling for 152 miles in 6 hours and 23 minutes in Beijing’s smoggy air, the gold medal was determined by a fraction of a second. Spain’s Samuel Sanchez willed a supreme effort to out-sprint the world’s great riders like David Rebellin and Fabian Cancellara. Fifty-seven million U.S. citizens ride a bicycle, at least, on…

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Gas prices are fueling higher bike sales

There’s things that are just “common sense” to a lot of us, but it’s always nice to see it backed up by real data. Bikes Belong did a survey recently that shows that gas prices are pushing bikes sales higher than ever.

2009 Masi Bikes Commuter Preview

Last year saw a lot of good things come out of the once road-only Masi Bikes.  Last year saw the release of the Caffe Racer, Speciale Commuter and SoulVille.  All three models are selling well with the Speciale and SoulVille selling out as quickly as they can be stocked.  Masi 2009 shows more variations of…

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Interbike is coming (plus, I need your help!)

Interbike, the yearly bike-gasm trade show held in Las Vegas, is quickly approaching. This is the event where cycling related companies all get under one roof and try to peddle their wares to bike shops and media folks. Last year saw a huge swell in commuter specific bike products and 2008 promises to be no…

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Trek city and commuter bikes for 2009

Commuter bikes were front and center at last weekend’s Trek World 2008 dealer show in Madison, with the singlespeed District stealing the show. This flat bar urban screamer features the Gates carbon belt drive that shaves nearly 280 grams from the weight of the bike, according to Trek. No lubrication is required for belt drives,…

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Fisher El Ranchero longtail bicycle

Trek World is Trek’s annual show where they show dealers what to expect over the coming year. I’ll have more about some exciting new bikes like the Trek District, a redesigned Soho (with belt drive) and others later, but first I want to mention Fisher’s El Ranchero cargo bicycle. The El Ranchero looks superficially like…

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Panniers versus trailers, the battle royale

Your trip is going swimmingly. You’ve seen truly beautiful places, enjoyed great weather, no flats so far, and met some amazing people. In fact, you’re sharing tonight’s campsite with some fellow tourists, nice people from some far flung land. Dinner’s been eaten, the dishes washed, and you’re digging into the evening’s conversation. Then it happens….

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Cargo bike co-op

Cargo bikes are handy for hauling large loads, but not everybody has the place to store one, and cost can be a factor. It doesn’t always make sense to a cargo bike or large trailer sitting around all those days that you don’t need one. A small group in Vancouver, BC have started a new…

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Civia Cycles 2009 : New Model

Civia Cycles is releasing snippets of a new bike that is going to be released at Interbike ’09.  The bike is geared for shorter distance commutes with the ability to carry more due to front and rear racks coming stock on the bikes.  A gentler geometry than what is found on the Hyland.  An internally…

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Driving in America: 1950

Disney’s perspective of driving in 1950. Goofy stars as a Jekyll and Hyde character, Mr. Walker/Mr. Wheeler. When he’s a pedestrian he’s mild-mannered and rational; when he’s a driver he’s mad and bad. It’s amazing to see that the issues we faced over half a century ago haven’t gotten any better. Video posted by our…

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