New Belgium Brewery Bike-In Movies

Last Thursday’s showing of The Goonies at New Belgium Brewing’s Bike-In Cinema drew complaints from the brewer’s neighbors. According to this article at the, Fort Collins city code compliance officers have been monitoring the movie night volumes, and last week’s showing exceeded the 50 decibel level permitted by city law several times.

Wait a minute, a bike-in movie? Cool idea, and they had over 1,000 people show up last week. They’re turning down the volume to make sure they meet spec’s. Here are the remaining showings for this year, according to the New Belgium site:

Sept. 4th – Dead Man (1995) R
Sept. 11th – Dazed and Confused (1993) R
Sept. 18th – Old School (2003) R

What other bike-in events can you imagine for your community?

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0 thoughts on “New Belgium Brewery Bike-In Movies”

  1. Coelecanth says:

    Here in Edmonton Alberta Canada we’ve been doing ride-in movies for the last three years as part of our Bike Month celebrations. We borrow the sight screen at the local cricket pitch. Mind you in June here it doesn’t get truly dark until after 11pm so it goes pretty late, and we have to run the longest extension cord in the world to get power. Great fun though. The three movies to date have been Quicksliver (Kevin Bacon as a courier, gah) BMX Bandits last year (Nicole Kidman’s finest work) and the aforementioned Goonies this year.

  2. Cincinnati, to my knowledge, doesn’t have ride-in movies, but there’s a large video screen above Fountain Square in the middle of Downtown.

    Anyone have any tips on how to get my city to have ride-in movies?

  3. Nicole says:

    I don’t remember noise ever being an issue before (NBB is not in a highly residential area and the movies are over by 11), but they did ask us last week to try to be quiet as we left. I’d guess the times it hits over the accepted limits is anytime we end up laughing or clapping collectively.

    Maybe they should show less funny movies? 😛

    @Jason — Is there a local bicycle advocacy group or bike-friendly local business that you could work with to organize something?

    We’re pretty lucky in Fort Collins that we have New Belgium as a strong advocate for the bicycle community. And Tour de Fat hits the mothership this weekend!

  4. Patrick says:

    We have bike-in movies in Austin too! Waterloo Cycles hosts them and they show them on the side of the building, on the outskirts of the UT campus.

  5. jone says:

    Lots of my ride buddies on will head up to the events.They will take some photos and publish the photos there. I am waiting for their

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