Nice bike commercial

Okay, some people are complaining about the sidewalk riding and wrong way riding, and others don’t like the advertiser, but I like that this video shows people dressed for living riding their bikes to get around and transport their stuff. And there’s no ridiculous “Professional drivers on closed course” disclaimer to accompany this transportation ad!

Found via Roc Bike and Bike Commuters.

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0 thoughts on “Nice bike commercial”

  1. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    I do not watch TV or read THE news papers. Is this ad on TV? I hope soooo and all across this the nation!

  2. Mike says:

    Isn’t this the first HMO ?
    Nixon pushed these guys in an the American public as a way to cash in on health care.

  3. Jen (SLC) says:

    Yeah, Kaiser Permanente is a big evil HMO, but this ad definitely captures how I feel when I’m biking around town. Wish I could get my dogs to sit in a basket like that.

  4. Ghost Rider says:

    Like I mentioned on our own site, I wish city “bike share” programs worked as smoothly as this commercial!

    The company is a big, scary HMO, and folks complain about the sidewalk riding, but everyone in the commercial looks like they’re having fun on a really SWEET baby-blue city bike. That’s enough for me!

  5. RainCityCyclist says:

    Easy to criticize kaiser, but I haven’t seen a feasible alternative solution offerred. in the meantime, at least they’re encouraging biking…we should appreciate that.

  6. luis says:

    great vid;
    no criticizing from me. we must show cycling as a positive, attractive, fashionable and fun transportation choice. as for the riding on the sidewalk and the like, let’s not make it difficult or intimidating for folks to ride. let’s get them out there first, get them their cycle legs then teach them the proper techniques. best thing would be to have FREE bike riding weekend seminars in empty parking lots next to bike shops! maybe next year i’ll try organizing one in arvada, co; where i live.

  7. Diego says:

    I’ve seen this commercial on TV and think that this can only benefit bike commuters when non-commmuters are exposed to this alternative and join us. Hopefully legislation will change to our favor and there’ll be more awareness.

  8. Siouxgeonz says:

    Hey, they’re *not* telling us which meds we need to talk to our doctor about. (This is not to say I’m not familiar with some horror stories about Kaiser Permanente.)
    Now, perhaps they *could* have said “closed course” for that sidewalk stuff where there just didn’t happen to be any conflicts 🙂 (from an unabashed cyde-walk hopper where that’s the safest option).
    I like that big time marketers are perceiving this as a message that will reach people. May it be ever thus!

  9. Nick says:

    Ahh, flat roads … … …
    If I had all flat roads in my commute, I would be singing during my commute too.

  10. RogerRider says:

    Anyone able to ID the make/model of bike? Looks painted over to be unidentifiable, but thought maybe some keen eyes here could figure it.

  11. RecessMonkeys says:

    Just saw the bike-friendly commercial from Nice.

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