Tip: Watch out for bears!


Jim Litz is accustomed to pedaling past 300-pound black bears on his morning commute to work. “I’ve come close to them this time of year,” Litz said, clutching his side and grimacing.

“I know bears. The entire creek bottom is just hammered by bears. That’s the beauty of living here. But typically, they’re crossing the road and I have plenty of time to avoid them.”

That wasn’t the case during Litz’s Monday morning ride..

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0 thoughts on “Tip: Watch out for bears!”

  1. Scott says:

    Wow, what a story! And it’s nice that his wife just happened to be driving along shortly after the incident.

    “Honey, how’d you get that crack in your helmet?”

    “Oh, a 300 pound bear sat on my head. You know, the normal bike commute kind of stuff.”

  2. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    No matter how hard I try to miss hitting things, sometimes it happens”.
    Some of the close calls with other than dog and cats” cows at 25mph, I screamed and they moooved out of my way, barley. A squirle almost darted into my front wheel while over 20mph, my real wheel ran over its tail. A pigon that waited and flew into my bike had it wing hit with my pedal. And the worst of all, the headstted jogger, who darted back and forth while I screamed “bicycle passing” and at the last second turned into that sound… Luck has been on my side, all escaped unharmed”. I guess stuff happens when one rides thounsands of miles each year.

  3. Your safety is everybody's business says:


    Maybe you should slow down.

  4. Joseph says:

    This guy’s a teacher to middle-schoolers. I can only imagine the opening discussion the day he came back to work.

    “Morning Kids,

    Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t been here for the past few days, others of you are probably wondering why I have these bruises all over my face.

    Well kids, I kind of got into a fight with a large black bear, and I lived. I’m pretty lucky. Let this be a lesson to you kids, bears are to be respected, not wrestled with.”

  5. Great story! Top tip – how to tell a brown bear from a grizzly:

    When attacked by a brown bear, if you climb a tree to escape, it’ll climb up after you & eat you.

    When attacked by a grizzly, if you climb a tree to escape, it’ll pull the tree down, beat you to death with it and then eat you.


  6. Digital Dame says:

    I saw this on Yahoo a few days ago on their Odd News section. Luckily, I can say the worst I’ve had happen (so far, knocking furiously on wood here) is the odd bee bouncing off my helmet.

  7. burnsey says:

    Sure beats the heck out of the story concerning me hitting a dog.

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