Interbike Outdoor Demo Day 1

The Interbike Outdoor Demo is a couple days out in Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City Nevada suffering through riding as many new bikes as possible.

The first bike that caught my eye was the Pashley Guvnor..  The original one was built up for the owner as a fun bike for him..  Last year they showed it at Interbike just to see if there was any interest and they sold twenty of them to a shop within an hour, so then they were forced to put them into production.

Such a classic style… Pashley hit the nail on the head with the Guvnor.


Unfortunately my image import failed out so I lost the rest of my pictures (I’ll get them again today and update this post later tonight) but I finally got a chance to ride the Civia Hyland..  This bike made big waves when it was shown at Interbike last year and is still one of our most commented posts..  A bike that is $2500 and higher should be top notch ride but in my mini 20 minute review, I wasn’t to impressed.

The aluminum frame was incredibly stiff and I felt every bump in the road..  Sure, the components are great and the bike looks fantastic, but I’m looking for errors on the comfort side..  However they are very open that their target market are more hi-end riders that probably already own a $4k+ road bike and are used to this kind of ride.

However, the are releasing the new Civia Loring (which I had pictures of) that is a beautiful machine..  Steel frame (so much better comfort) and racks for both front and rear that wooden on steel frames..  It’s a beautiful site and the MSRP is in the mid-1000s instead of closer to $3k like their other models.

One of the other bikes I got to ride was the new 10-speed Masi SoulVille.

What a bike…

The extra few gears make it nice for the longer climbs and the flat bar double tap shifters reduce the complexity of shifting by only giving you two levers to deal with instead of four.

And of course, the SoulVille continues to be a beautiful bike..  (Again, I’ll have pictures later)

Allright, that does it for my update from Day 1 of the Outdoor Demo..  More coming later…

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0 thoughts on “Interbike Outdoor Demo Day 1”

  1. TWIN SIX says:

    You looked fantastic on the Guvnor today, guvnor.

  2. Phil Allsopp says:

    Nice bikes!!! My wife and I bought Pashleys (Princess Sovereign and Roadster Sovereign) early last year. We live in Scottsdale, Arizona and ride them quite a lot. We’ve never been members of the spandex and gatorade set – we just like biking around and running the odd errand on them.

    Several friends have asked us where on earth we bought them. Fortunately for us, the Pashley distributor (Belmont Distribution – Loring Khort at 602-903-7852) is right here in Phoenix (of all places!) so we really lucked out after being strung along for weeks on end by a guy in Florida who said he was distributing “Dutch Bikes”. Very unreliable. I think he had or has a web site of the same name.

    But Loring Khort of Belmont Distribution in Phoenix is a delight to work with. He’s professional, straightforward, no BS and no stringing people along with empty promises.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It isn’t an aluminum frame! It uses 531 Reynolds tubing (steel if you didn’t know), look on the frame!!

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