Interbike: New Knog Products

Knog is back and better than ever.   Their focus on design and eas of use makes them a great company to look to for commuter products.   Their new stuff includes a cycling computer, new LED designs and some hip looking tools.

First off, if you haven’t ever seen Knog’s system for attaching lights to your bike, you are missing out.   While every other system involves bolts, screws, shims, etc to get attach it to your bike, the Knogg involves a bit of stretchy plastic and that’s it.   It literally takes seconds to attach a light to pretty much any part of your bike.

The N.E.R.D. cycling computer is outside what a lot of commuters will be looking for, but if you’ve ever wanted to track your mileage, speed, etc, than this could be up your alley.

The 9-function version is $79 and the 12-function version is $89.

Their newest addition to their LED light line is the Beetle.   It’s a small 2 LED light that is available in 8 different colors with a choice of red or white lights.   MSRP $19 a pair.

They are also showing a bunch of new tools that are still in prototype stage but close to what the real thing will be.   There will be a 7-function, 8-function and 12-function (complete w/ chain breaker) version of their multi-tool.   They also have a small kit that comes with tire levels and “porn patches” which are patches for your tubes with naughty little images on them. (check the gallery for all the pics).   MSRPs range from $11 for the lever/patch kit to $49 for the 12-tool.

And finally, their gloves are available in a bunch of new version including the Evil Kinevil look.   $54 for the cut finger and $69 for the full finger.

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0 thoughts on “Interbike: New Knog Products”

  1. WheelDancer says:

    Nice stuff and all but you need to check out the Dinotte lights that attach with an O ring and can be mounted anywhere in 2 seconds. They even come with a helmut adapter. I am a full-time commuter in MN and use their lights every day and switch between multiple bikes. for more info.

  2. sygyzy says:

    Does anyone know of a US-based online retailer for Knog products?

  3. Tim Grahl says:

    WheelDancer: Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to track them down at the show

  4. DaveP says:

    Tim, David Bernstien has Dinotte contact details, I forwarded the UK distribution details to him years ago, he was in discussion to get a set on test…..

  5. Ghost Rider says:

    I NEED some of those full-finger Evel Knieval gloves to match my red-white and blue commuting bodysuit…those the the BOMB!

  6. db says:

    GR, when I saw those gloves, I thought about your “Patriot” bike…

  7. RecessMonkeys says:

    Love the Knog. Glad to see an expansion of their line.

  8. Ghost Rider says:

    db…hell yes! All I need is a cape, those Knog gloves and one of these helmets: and I could thrill the crowds here in Tampa.

  9. rob says:

    when will the N.E.R.D. be made available? i want it!

  10. Pawan Yadav says:

    Can we use it with a MTB? As the sensor’s strap looks quite short to we wrapped around the MTB shocks.

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