Biria bicycles

Biria USA imports their Euro-designed bikes from their parent company in Germany. They have a nice looking design with a step through frame that allows riders to mount the bike without dislocating anything.

They’ve sold an electric bike in Germany for the past couple of years. Biria’s American dealers kept asking for the electric bike. Biria will bring their eBike to America beginning next March for about $1700. A Lithium Ion battery provides about two hours of riding at 15 to 18 mph. According to Biria, dealer reception at Interbike has been tremendous.

Biria will also launch their National Breast Cancer Foundation special edition bike on March 1, 2009. This is their standard step through bike but with some nice Pink Ribbon graphics.

According to Biria, Florida is their biggest market in the United States, with their busiest North American shops in Toronto and Vancouver. For more details about their commuter bikes and a dealer list, visit Biria.US. I took photos but they disappeared from my computer (!) so I’ll try again later tonight or maybe tomorrow. These are great looking commuter bikes.

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10 thoughts on “Biria bicycles”

  1. Patrick says:

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    Firefox can’t find the server at

    Change that link to!

  2. Patrick says:

    Ooops, that doesn’t work either. Try this one:

  3. rick says:

    Electric bikes are just wrong. This is what our lazy society has come to, we would like to ride a bike but don’t want to expend the energy to pedal it.

  4. Ghost Rider says:

    Rick, I thought the same thing, and even said so on our website, but was lustily shouted down by folks who offered some valid points to think about. For example, an electric bike or e-assist could be the tipping point for folks getting on a bike AT ALL — that assist will help when they get tired from pedaling. And how about those with limited leg/hip mobility? Electric would get them out there, too, with less pedaling effort.

    I could go on and on, but the important thing is that there are applications for e-assist that go beyond catering to the lazy. Here, read the comments for yourself:

  5. I visited the site. There are lots of great looking commuter bikes. I can’t decide which one I like. Thanks for the links.

  6. John Reinhold says:

    I have a Biria “Eazy Boarding”. I have owned it for 15 months now, and ridden it about 1100 miles. I rode it daily through one Portland winter, and here is my take on it.

    I didn’t need the extreme step through design for any real physical reasons, but I liked it’s style. I have found, however, that it is significantly easier being able to just step through to get on and off, especially when I have a tag-a-log attached or stuff on my back rack.

    The bike is extremely comfortable, and I like it very much. It also looks very cool, and draws lots of attention.

    Here are the warts:

    1. The stock brake calipers that come with it were crap. Totally crap. Both have been replaced by the dealer with upgraded versions. Supposedly Biria has recognized this and the current models have better calipers. But they are still not all that good. Plan on putting some good ones.

    2. The bracket on my dyno headlight snapped in two. I had wanted to upgrade to a better LED one anyway, but the stock bracket is weak where it bends and will probably snap.

    3. My dealer replaced the stock “knobby” tires with some better street tires. At purchase time. Neither of us understood why they were selling bikes like this with knobby tires. I don’t know if they still come with the knobby versions.

    4. The seat angle is very high. This causes a couple problems. One is the rear rack loses some of it’s capacity because the seat actualy hangs over it. The second is if you want to pull a tag-a-long or use any accessories which mount to the seat post. Most are not made for such a steep seat post angle. I had a local welding shop make an adapter for our tag-a-long.

    5. The stock rear fender was about an inch or two too short. I would get a rooster tail in the rain which would shoot straight up. It didn’t hit me, but the splatter would land on my paniers and stuff. I replaced the fenders with ones that were longer, and the problem was easily solved.

    6. The bottom bracket grease was gone after riding through the winter. I don’t know if this was because they used non-water resistant grease, or if it was assembled wrong, or if they used poor parts. The bracket was re-packed with good grease by the dealer, and we will see how it does this winter.

    That’s it. Like I said, I really like this bike. I just wanted to give my experiences with it after one year of riding on it.

  7. Terry Harris says:

    Have had a Biria Eazy Boarding for 3 years. It keeps popping spokes. Rear wheel rated for 250 pounds. Have new heavy duty spokes and have used a tensiometer on the rear spokes. Still popping spokes. Any clue as to fix?

  8. Michael says:

    Rick, regarding laziness. I have been a bike commuter for 30 years. I am now 55 years old and have discovered I have a heart condition. This makes heavy exertion dangerous, even though I can still it. My legs are strong, but the ticker can no longer cope. If you saw me on an electric you would wonder why that old guy who looks in shape is riding that thing. The answer is because I can. The pedal power bike is still important to me. I don’t yet own an electric, but soon will just to stay alive a few decades longer, and stay on a bike for the most part.

  9. Gabriel says:

    TO RICK!

    Just “wrong” are only you. To make such irresponsible and offended statements show everybody how selfish and mentaly square head are you.
    I’m 81 years old and all my life I have pedal and I continue to bike despite the peoples advice that I`m to old for!
    I have not anymore my legs strenght of 20 years old age and to pedal only is for me harder and harder (you selfish men will see what mean that when you will be my age)!
    I have an pedal assisted electrical bike which help me as OCTOAGER to pedal and be assisted by bike electrical motor especially when the wind blow in my face and almost stop me and when I have to climb hills of different degree.
    So, if you don`t like electrical bikes is ONLY your own problem, but don`t ever try and dare to speak in name of millions of other peoples of my age which like me try to maintain a healty body by doing bike!
    I hope that next time when you open again your mouth you will think twice before start to debit stupidities!

  10. Constance says:

    Lazy? I have to use a cane just to walk so the idea of having a hybrid bike is exciting. To those people that think less of those taking advantage of this invention are probably the same people that have me walk around them, or do not stop when I fall, or mumble that I am not fast enough in the grocery line. Karma is a funny thing and it’s riding a bike near you.

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