Cordaround Bike To Work Pants

Cordaround — a San Francisco clothing company — introduced their “Bike To Work” pants today. They call these pants “everyday khakis with inner brilliance.”

At the office, they’re regular office wear. On the bike, you flip up the cuffs and flip out the pockets to reveal reflective strips. See the video below for a demonstration of how they look. More at Cordaround Bike To Work.

Bike 2 Work Pants from Cordarounds on Vimeo.

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0 thoughts on “Cordaround Bike To Work Pants”

  1. Cool Video. The pants aren’t for me, but that is because I ride a recumbent trike.

  2. tadster says:

    I think the pocket reflectors are overkill, but rolling up the pant legs to reveal the reflectors is very smart.

  3. kaz kougar says:

    Okay, first of all this is a great concept and I’m sure the pants are of excellent quality but…

    $95 for a pair of pants? That’s absolutely ludacris. This is the exact reason that I’ve never bought a pair of chrome knickers. 1. I can’t afford to (and mind you, I rarely have to buy gas) and 2. If I could, there’s no way I would. The performance of such pants can’t be justified at this price. I’ll stick to my Jeans that I paid $10 for on clearance at Kohls and if I stumbe upon an extra $95, I may just buy 9 more pairs of $10 clearance jeans to last me for the next few years and have $5 to spare. Or maybe I’ll hit St. Vinnies and pick up a few pair of used pants for $3 and create my own cycling pants with specialized materials procured from my local fabric store.

    I realize that these companies have to make a profit somewhere but come on what’s the mark up on these duds?

  4. lowboppo says:


    your 10 dollar clearance pants were likely sewn by people making 3rd world wages. The material also was likely manufactured under dubious labor and environmental conditions. There are also economies of scale to consider (yours probably come from a a multinational corp with much more buying/manufacturing power).

    Certainly, the others are expensive, but yours are artificially cheap as well.

    St Vinnie’s is always a good idea, though…

  5. kaz kougar says:

    I don’t disagree with you on my jeans lowboppo, the $10 jeans were just an example. I’m generally more likely to pick my clothes up used from St. Vinnies and the like, assuming I can find my size, I try to keep the waste down by buying used. I totally respect that the Cordaround pants are made in the USA and am willing to pay a little more to support domestically made goods but still $95 for any type of pants is hardly justifiable, especially with the current economic situation in this country. I won’t even mention the $145 Chrome knickers. A pair of used slacks or cargo pants chopped off at the chins with a little stitch-witch ironed into the hem works just fine for me.

  6. Shiny Flu says:

    Innovative- yes. The “Would I wear them if I got them for free” test – no.

    I do think reflectives on legs are a good idea since most people notice moving light flashes better than stationary ones.

    PS Kaz: try Portland Cyclewear knickers, only $59 and I like ’em.

  7. neotint says:

    Statistically reflectors are very bad at preventing night time accidents. They ave a very narrow angle of reflectivity, as this video shows if you look at it again. Actual lights works much better.

    Plus most bike accidents are not with the rear of the bike, but frontal, again lights are many times brighter than reflective materials.

    Conclusion: gimmicky styled art pants, only made for concept; disconnected from design solutions for facts of reality.

  8. Boston Commuter says:

    Looks like these pants are sold only in men’s sizes — nothing for women (pls correct me if I missed something).

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