Interbike: Keen Shoes and Bags

Keen is a ver.  environmentally conscience company that started out making a closed toe sandal that was safer for cyclists to wear..  They’ve since expanded into bags and other forms of cycling-safe sandals..  Their newest model is the Commuter.

The Keen company has a great back story and they do a lot of recycling and re-harvesting of rubber, aluminum and other bits to make their products..  I encourage you to read more here.

The Keen Commuter is a closed toe sandal that has a comfortable sole and is designed to wear around all day..  It fits any SPD compatible clipless pedal system and it keeps the cleat tucked into the sole so you won’t be clicking around like you’re in heels..  MSRP: $115


The Keen Springwater is their commuter shoe that has three velcro straps to close and also has the same comfortable, SPD compatible sole..  MSRP: $130


Their sandals are also pretty rad and the toe cover looks pretty rad..  The men’s version use recycled bike inner tubes and women’s use recycled rice bags..  They aren’t SPD compatible, but for folks like me that like to run flats, I can’t imagine a better set of sandals to commute on..  MSRP: forgot to ask…


Another of the new products from Keen is their Newport pack..  It has lot’s of places for storage including laptop sleeve, hydration bladder slot and then plenty of pockets here and there for your little stuff..  The outer shell will easily hold a helmet, pair of shoes, etc..  There’s also a waist strap that is hidden and tucked away yet easily accessible when you need it..  MSRP: $100

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0 thoughts on “Interbike: Keen Shoes and Bags”

  1. Ryan K says:

    The rubber sandals are pretty rad. I’d rock those.

  2. Mark in Saint Paul says:

    I’ve been using the Keen Commuter sandals all summer. They are the best, most comfortable city cycling footwear I’ve ever used – both on and off the bike. I paid $85 for them at a LBS.

  3. NoTrail says:

    The Keen Springwater … looks pretty cool!

  4. all-weather-Heather says:

    I’ve used the keen Commuter sandals for 3 months straight. I tend to wear sandals loosley but I can’t do that with the Commuter shoes. The nylon straps tend to stretch so its VERY important to cynche them tightly so you can rotate them out of their clip. Once I learned to do that, I had no problem removing them from the clip.

    In addition to commuting I wore them around the office all day too. The metal clip does make some noise on stone or metal stairs but the shoe’s grip feels stable.

    They’re very comfortable. I recommend them for daily commuting during warmer months.

  5. Ken says:

    Keen shoes are so awesome,

    i have a keen commuter and i mountain bike with it, walk and wear it all day, theyre the best shoes ever! and the soles are so soft, they feel so nice! lol

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