Interbike: Pinhead Bike Locking System

Pinhead Components makes a line of products that will keep your bike and all it’s bits safe from thieves..  The locking mechanism keeps your wheels, seat post and fork secure and the added benefits their website offers makes this a great security measure for your bike.

The Pinhead system comes in four flavors:

2-Pack – locks both wheels – $55

3-Pack – locks wheels and seat post – $65

4-Pack – locks wheels, seat post and headset – $75

Ultimate Pack – the 4-pack plus their new Bubble Lock bike lock – $125

The Bubble Lock is Pinhead’s answer to the U-Lock and they claim it reduces the accessibility of a leverage attack on your lock, plus the way the key slides in it is absolutely un-pickable..  “You can’t pick what you can’t see”

Each pack comes with it’s own unique key that will fit each component and fits easy on you key ring and doubles as a bottle opener (not that any of us would have a beer while riding…)

The really cool part of the Pinhead system kicks in when you register for their website..  Once you’ve put your key’s code in, you can order replacement parts or upgrade your 2-Pack to an Ultimate pack and get the three extra pieces and they will all work with the same key.

Also, if you’re a bike nerd with several bikes, you can order multiple sets and the same key will work with each set.

At the showing they were showing the system on a mountain bike and I would steer clear of using the Pinhead seat lock with your mountain bike if you do any heavy riding..  A few months ago my flat, dull quick release lever on my seat post rip a sizeable chunk out of my calf when I fell..  I can only imagine if that was the end of a narrow bolt!

But as far as securing your commuter bike, this seems to be a great system that will keep you from having to constantly take apart your bike to lock it up every time.

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0 thoughts on “Interbike: Pinhead Bike Locking System”

  1. Pretty cool system. I should take a look at it.

  2. Andrew says:

    so I’ve never used these. Are they essentially smaller U locks that are harder to pick?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Can we call them Omega-locks?

  4. Andrew says:

    ah. ok for anyone else who doesn’t know what they are:

    They’re essentially bolts with custom screwdrivers. Only your key can unscrew your bolt, unless the bike thief has some impressive tools on hand and a lot of time.

  5. Schep says:

    I’ve had the 3 set on my bike for quite a while. Its really nice not to worry about it (I’ve had a seat post and saddle stolen before).

    I second that we call them Omega-locks.

  6. gear says:

    how does it reduce leverage attacks?

  7. Noah says:

    I’ll be the judge of “umpickable” Plus many locks can be bypassed non-destructively without picking or cutting. You just have to know some tricks of the locksmith trade.

  8. This is a great idea for securing our bike and not to worry about it of being stolen.

  9. Matt says:

    To gear (6): I’m guessing that it “reduces leverage attacks” by being too wide to be jacked open by bottle jacks, aka “stubbies”. Go to this page and search its text for the word “stubbies”. You’ll see a picture that shows what these look like, and how they fit into conventional U-locks:

  10. Shane says:

    I bought the pinhead skewer set and the rear axle snapped in half the day I bought it. Could you imagine if I was in traffic? I have tried many times to contact Pinhead with no response. I will not be buying anymore of thier products. Very dissapointed.

  11. HD says:

    Shane, how did you contact them? I bought a set awhile back and lost a bolt. I had no problem getting a hold of pinhead and they had no problem sending me a new bolt. Try emailing that’s what I did.

  12. David says:

    I have several sets of the wheel skewers and seatpost locks. It is nice to not worry about your wheels and seat post. I understand they now have a collar that mounts right under seatpost bolt. One has to really torque the seatpost lock (hint-use bees wax rather than oil on seatposts). If you have old school horizontal dropouts in the rear, also torque very hard. Oh, and be sure to carry the key with you! These are cheaper than a new wheelset and seat post and seat!

  13. Sh00mp says:

    Nice enough locks, but trivial to open with a $10 universal socket (e.g. the Gator Grips socket from Home Depot).

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