Month: September 2008

Interbike: Pinhead Bike Locking System

Pinhead Components makes a line of products that will keep your bike and all it’s bits safe from thieves.. The locking mechanism keeps your wheels, seat post and fork secure and the added benefits their website offers makes this a great security measure for your bike.

Cordaround Bike To Work Pants

Cordaround — a San Francisco clothing company — introduced their “Bike To Work” pants today. They call these pants “everyday khakis with inner brilliance.” At the office, they’re regular office wear. On the bike, you flip up the cuffs and flip out the pockets to reveal reflective strips. See the video below for a demonstration…

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Rans Hammer Truck

Rans is known for their recumbents and low seat upright bikes. Rans designer Randy Schlitter schleps around Hays, KS but he didn’t the cargo capacity he needed, so designed the Rans Hammer Truck. The Rans Hammer Truck is the Rans unique take on longtail cargo bike. The 35 lb bike can carry up to 500…

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Interbike: Keen Shoes and Bags

Keen is a ver. environmentally conscience company that started out making a closed toe sandal that was safer for cyclists to wear.. They’ve since expanded into bags and other forms of cycling-safe sandals.. Their newest model is the Commuter.

Interbike: Moots Comooter – $8750

If you’re talking high end commuter bike, you’re not going to beat the new Moots Comooter.  Originally built for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, the Comooter got so much attention and feedback that they decided to add it to their production line. This bikes spec list tops any others, as well as it’s MSRP…

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Interbike 2008: Trends

I’m at the first day of Interbike 2008 in Las Vegas with others in the Crooked Cog crew. Here are a few things I’ve seen: Attendance is incredible — the show floor is absolutely packed with a record number of booths and attendees. Everybody is offering single speed and fixed gear bikes. The companies that…

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Interbike: New Knog Products

Knog is back and better than ever.  Their focus on design and eas of use makes them a great company to look to for commuter products.  Their new stuff includes a cycling computer, new LED designs and some hip looking tools.

Interbike: Crumpler Hydration, Luggage and Masks

Crumpler is the rad bag company out of Australia.  Last year I reviewed their Part and Parcel bag (which I’m carrying here at the show) and this year they’ve expanded into other areas of carrying your stuff around.  Hydration packs, luggage and even bags that can double as masks are all now in the Crumpler…

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Interbike: Salsa Fargo, adventure touring (and commuting?)

A lot of people are having trouble categorizing the new Salsa Cycles Fargo. They’re labeling it an “adventure touring” bike. It has all the comfort for long distances of a touring bike while built as a mountain bike. It looks to be the perfect bike for long gravel roads and perhaps some adventure commuting.


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