Urban Legends fashion show video

The folks of Momentum Magazine posted the Interbike Urban Legends Art & Fashion show video with help from Masi Bikes. You also see details about the bikes, accessories and clothing at Momentum Planet.Videography by David Niddrie and Gwendal Castellan. Photography by Wendell Challenger, Richard Masoner (aka Yours Truly), Carlton Reid, Joe Sales.Edit by Tim Grahl:I pulled up Commute by Bike this morning planning to post this video but Fritz beat me to it. However, I did want to add a few of my thoughts on the significance of having an event like the Urban Legends show at Interbike.As discussed frequently here, the bicycle was hijacked in our country by the “sport” of cycling and a huge part of the problem is the reluctance of the industry to change that. Interbike 2008 was my fifth year at the show and I am still constantly surprised by how people can’t get their heads out of their asses long enough to look past their full carbon widgets and shaving grams off their race bike to see that we can all benefit by focusing on urban (normal) cycling and offering real people real bikes to get around on.In all my past years of Interbike there has not been one extra-curricular activity surrounding the show that was focused on the normal rider. While I stood in that ballroom and watched the Urban Legend fashion show, I was thrilled beyond words that this was taking place at Interbike.While I completely believe that each one of us makes a difference when we daily choose a bicycle over a car, seeing a shift in the bike industry this way means more products for normal people to take up cycling and more resources spent promoting every day cycling.Congratulations to Momentum Magazine for putting on the show.A huge thanks to Interbike for taking the chance on inviting them in.And more hope than ever for the bike industry… I think you’re starting to get it!

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0 thoughts on “Urban Legends fashion show video”

  1. Juan says:

    I’m not even going to touch this one. 😉

  2. SurlyBee says:

    I ride my Big Dummy around town doing errands. It took me awhile to get out of Lycra and just into normal clothes, and regular clothes work great since most of my errands are within 10 miles.

    I wasn’t willing to give up my cycling shoes, though and my Keen sandals have solved that.

    I agree that people wearing normal clothes on bikes is encouraging to those hesitant to swap their cars for bikes.

    (Many of the clothes worn in the video looked as if made from technical fabrics but fit in with everyday style. We need more!)

  3. Eric says:

    Great job covering the show and great job editing the video!

  4. This is a fantastic video of the show. It really captures the fun & culture of the event. May I embed this on my girl on bike blog?
    I have a following of women “who just ride”, who would love both the clothing and presentation.

  5. Phil says:

    Cool stuff. It will be wonderful when we don’t have to worry about being seen on the street when commuting to work. I’ll still err on the side of high-vis jerseys and jackets and geeky lights.

  6. Paul says:

    I don’t own a car and I bike everywhere in my “normal” clothes including commute to work, more than 2 years at this job I still get comments from coworkers asking if I rode my bike to work because I have regular clothes on! That kind of question is stupid coming from someone decked out in “athletic” wear and $200 “sport” shoes who DRIVES less than 1 mile to work and the most athletic activity he does is move from the couch to the SUV in the driveway!!

  7. Tania says:

    Hi girlmeetsbike! Please feel free to embed the video to your site! We’d be honoured!

    Thanks Tim for your thoughtful post. As always, I am super impressed by your critique.

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