Natural cleansing wipes

In 2005, Martha Van Inwegen’s mother was suffering from cancer. While she watched her mother deteriorate, she tried a number of palliatives to ease some of the suffering and created what would eventually become the basis of natural Action Wipes wet wipes. They’re great for those who need a quick wipe down after a ride to work or home.

These are not your standard nursery wet wipes, but extra large cloth-like wipes that, frankly, work much better than the thin, tiny wipes I’m used to seeing. The fabric of the cloth is thicker and not prone to disintegrating into nothing — I haven’t tried putting them in the wash, but Martha tells me the wipes can be washed and reused multiple times. I can actually scrub like I do with a normal washcloth.

Action Wipes are made with eucalyptus and tea tree oil. In spite of the slightly astringent odor of the eucalyptus, there’s no “tingly” feel when I scrub my skin with Action Wipes. Even after a sweaty hard ride home, I just feel clean after using Action Wipes. There’s no oily, scummy residue afterwards, and the eucalyptus oil smells just like a refreshing Pacific coast breeze.

If you use wipes for personal hygiene for cycling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities, I can easily recommend Action Wipes wet wipes. Martha is lining up dealers, but in the meantime you can purchase packs online.

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0 thoughts on “Natural cleansing wipes”

  1. The price seems somewhat prohibitive. If they are reusable, maybe she should offer bottles of the cleansing solution separately — you could just wash the cloths and then put them in a container with more cleansing solution and use them again.

  2. tim says:

    “I can actually scrub like I do with a normal washcloth.”

    So… what’s wrong with scrubbing with a normal washcloth?

    Why do you need to buy packs of (semi-?) disposable “wipes”, rather than washing yourself with a cloth and your choice of water, soap, eucalyptus, tea-tree, and whatever other potions you wish to steep yourself with?

    Disposable _anything_ is wasteful. We invest resources and energy into turning raw ingredients into a useful product – then use it once and throw it into a landfill. There are reuseable options.

    Disposable medical equipment I can understand. Disposable wash cloths are absurd.

  3. rayhead00 says:

    I agree with Tim
    Just because they could be repurposed after its initial use does not make it green. It seems like greenwashing to me.

  4. Well, the idea, I assume, is that you can carry them and use them ANYWHERE. You might have a stash of washcloths at home and at work, but not necessarily everywhere you need to go by bike.

    If the eucalyptus/tea tree oil solution were available separately (possibly in a spray bottle) one could carry washcloths (or other reusable cloths) and then spray them and use them as needed. That’s what many people do with cloth baby wipes. You would also need to bring a wet bag for the used wipes. So, you would end up carrying more this way.

    I think there might be situations in which a disposable cloth might be helpful — but I wouldn’t want to use them every day.

  5. When creating Action Wipes and all our other products, I had a vision to reduce, reuse and recycle. I created them for outdoor enthusiasts that ARE contributing to our landfills by using “single use” baby wipes.

    So to accomplish our objectives I ensured that the wipes could be reused and when done, recycled – not simply thrown away.

    Action Wipes are made with a polyester fabric that can be washed several times over and either repurposed as rags in the garage or home, or, recharged with the Sports Spray. Yes, I created a spray specifically for this purpose, it too can be used alone, or with your regular washcloths (so you don’t have to mix potions yourselves). Simply wash Action Wipes by hand with a gentle detergent (our biodegradable body wash is perfect), spray and put in a zip lock bag. When the wipe is finally spent, we highly recommend it be placed in the recycling bin – not the trash can.

    Please, visit our website and learn more about who we are, our mission and how we intend to be a good steward of our planet. No green washing – just real.

  6. Shane says:

    My wife and I did a bike tour around the country a couple years ago and used “handy wipes” a lot (like baby wipes but not as smelly)- sometimes it was hard to find enough water to wash up with and on the road fixes were dirty too. We didn’t go through a lot but they were handy.
    We would have loved to have something like this that we could have used and then re-used without the moisture but still as a rag. Plus I’m sure they would have smelled better than the wipes we used.

  7. iamexpert says:

    wet wipes contained water, fragrance and alcohol. These do help to more effectively cleanse hands, especially when access to handwashing apparatus is limited.I used it everyday.

  8. iamexpert – Which wet wipes are you speaking about? I know you’re not talking about Action Wipes as they do *NOT* contain any synthetic frangrances or Alcohol. Our frangrance comes from 100%, pure essential oils of Frankincense, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil. Our cleansing agent comes from Coconut oil. Please try Action Wipes and feel the difference.

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