Russ Roca on Discovery Channel

I profiled bicycling photographer Russ Roca in the current edition of Momentum Magazine. He also appeared recently on the Discovery Channel, where he was featured in a short segment as the Eco Friendly bicycling photographer. Here’s video of that show.

Russ uses his cargo bike to haul himself and his photo equipment around the Los Angeles area for his gigs. He posts his work to his website, and many of you might also know him through his contributions at Bike Commuters.

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0 thoughts on “Russ Roca on Discovery Channel”

  1. Ghost Rider says:

    Thanks for posting that…I happened to catch Russ’ segment on TV, but was unable to find Web video of the program.

    Our man Russ was great on that segment — dapper and well-spoken. That Bilenky was mighty nice, too!!!

  2. Tony Bullard says:

    Forgive me, but talking about how much stuff you have to pack, while trying to pack an inflated item…that’s just silly.

  3. RussRoca says:

    Tony…that was a 3 foot inflatable globe…it took me literally about 20 minutes at home to inflate it from flat to full….

    I loaded it semi-inflated so I wouldn’t have to spend 20 minutes blowing into it when I should be setting up other things for the shoot…

    Also, it adds a little theatrical flair 🙂

  4. Tony Bullard says:

    Come on, you bike everywhere! You should have the lungs of a…um…something with awesome lungs.

    LUNG FISH! That’s it!

  5. Ghost Rider says:

    Not everyone can say they towed the world by bike…bravo, Russ! You make an excellent TV celebrity.

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