Xtracycle Build Up : Parts Bag

Arleigh is building, documenting and writing out her build up of a Salsa Ala Carte mountain bike with 650b wheels and a Xtracycle Free Radical Kit. This is an on going series so stay tuned for more installments.

One thing that is a bit daunting if you aren’t mechanically inclined is the huge parts bag that comes with the Xtracycle box. There’s bit pieces and things that simply don’t make sense. This requires reading directions and diagrams which, let’s be honest, most folks don’t.
First I seperated all the goodies into seperate piles to make sure I had everything I needed. There’s a couple stray chainring bolts that didn’t make it to their right pile but you get the idea.

Kickstand plate, and soft, durable fabric to save your frame from being scratched.

Chainring bolts used in with screws to attach the freeloader bags to the Xtracycle frame. This is a new design to keep the bags from having to be tied to the frame.

Avid Rollamajig. Used to help ease the bend of the derailleur cable into the derailleur. Mostly used if the cable stop is too close to derailleur, or for older style Shimano derailleurs. (I didn’t use mine.)

French Nut. These are the parts that your frame rear dropouts sit on. They tighten through the drop out to bolts on the outside of the Xtracycle frame.

End Caps & Spacers. These seem to have many purposes (spacers, plugs, etc), I’m still researching all the possibilities for them.

V-Rack Spacers. Used with the above to space out your top deck.

FAP Bolt. Used to connect Xtracycle at the FAP tab near the chainstay/bottom bracket area.

4 Shorter Bolts. Goes with chain ring bolts to attach Freeloaders.

Washers. Big washers are used to space out 130mm frame for Xtracycle. Small washers are used with bolts.

I’m sure that there will be more parts along the way, and uses but we will document as we go.

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0 thoughts on “Xtracycle Build Up : Parts Bag”

  1. Andrew says:

    Hah. looks like a lot of fun. lucky for me I’m an instructions nut. I read everything I can get my hands on before even opening the first bag. I think that comes from building so many LEGO models when I was young.

    One thing I’m really interested in is the stability of this system vs. getting something like a Big Dummy. Will this shake, rattle and flex more? Also, can you build this onto bikes with a more aggressive stance, like the dew, or does it need to be upright bikes only (like the Dummy)?

  2. Xiousgeonz says:

    My Xtracycle has over 10,000 miles on it and it is still totally stable. I am in awe that you’re constructing it yourself. ‘Way too many variables (‘use this part if you need it’) for me!

  3. jamesmallon says:

    Shimmy, parts, kluged-solutions… Screw it. Get a Kona Ute (and cue the outrage from Xtracycle devotees!).

  4. Ghost Rider says:

    James, you really know how to throw a glass of cold water into someone’s face 😉

    Despite the bags of weird parts, assembling an Xtracycle isn’t difficult at all…as long as you follow the clear directions provided by the company. It certainly helps to have some experience tinkering with bikes, though.

    A Big Dummy will be inherently more stable than the bolt-on kit, but I’ve hauled many a 200+ lb. load on my kit without much swaying and zero rattling. The little bit of flex the system DOES exhibit depends partially on what the parent frame is made of and how the load is balanced (high, heavy loads will cause more sway…so get the heavy stuff as low and as forward as possible).

  5. Alex Simon says:

    Hi there
    Great article. I’ve just installed my X and found this page because I was wondering what all the bits left over were for!
    Can you give me some examples of the uses for the plastic threaded parts (you call them End Caps & Spacers)?
    I don’t quite understand how it can space out the snapdeck.

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