Month: December 2008

Bontrager Race Lite

Off with the old and in with the new was the theme of this past week leading in to New Years.  One of the things that came “off” was my cyclo cross knobby tires left from cross season..  I have been commuting on until they were completely worn out and finally last week the knobs…

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Reader's Pick: Favorites of 2008

Tell us your favorite thing about 2008. This is your platform now. Maybe it was your favorite post on CBB, your favorite new product from Interbike, or your most memorable bicycle commuting moment from the past year. Let us know in the comments!

Pearl Izumi Sprint Shoes : Long Term

When we left off with the Pearl Izumi Sprint Shoes back in October I was using this shoe as my daily commuter shoe 3-5 times a week. The thread and sneaker look made it very easy to climb on to buses, walk on slick interior floors and still have a stiff sole for pedaling and…

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Knog Franks Dog Messenger Bag

In August I was looking for a messenger bag that not only carried my 15″ MacBook Pro safely but also was was more on the water proof side.  After doing many hours of research I decided on a Knog bag called Franks Dog.  Not only did it fit my laptop well, it had a heavy…

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Happy Holidays

To all of the followers, commenters, and friends of we wish you all Happy Holidays.  Take some time to take your bike for a ride and enjoy yourself during the holiday season.

2009 National Bike Summit

As 2008 comes to an end it is very exciting to think of the possibilites for 2009.  A new President, a new way of thinking and of course the 2009 National Bike Summit.  Put these dates in your iPhone or Blackberry and let us know if you will be attending it would be great to…

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New Commute Woes

Recently I moved to a new location outside of Charlotte, NC.  My original commute was 25 miles of a bi-modal commute, utilizing the bus for 19 miles and my bike for 6.  The commute normally took 45 minutes to an hour and was a wonderful ride on my bike through Davidson, NC.  On the weekends…

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Winter bike to work in the news

I spotted a couple of “Bike to Work” news items this morning. What’s especially nice is this article in US News and World Report, which doesn’t portray cycling to work during the winter as an activity only for the diehard enthusiasts, but as something anybody can do: On a freezing november morning in Chicago, Megan…

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Dailymile goes public beta

As I’ve said before, I’m a numbers freak, and I’m also a bit of a social media hound. I’m still using my spreadsheet to keep track of my miles, but a while back ago, I got an invite to help shake the bugs out of dailymile, a multi-sport portal that bears some resemblance to Brightkite,…

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