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Here at the Bike Trailer Shop we have a strong passion for anything pulled behind a bike, and that includes DIY projects. We understand that some people might not have the means to dish out $200 or more for a cargo trailer, or they just want to have a home made trailer to show off.

Below are three lists of links to DIY bike trailers. They are categorized on my personal opinion of how the instructions to build are written and presented. Please understand that anything you build you are responsible for, in other words dont get mad at us if it doesnt work the way you expected.

Good instructions:

Includes a few pictures and some guild lines on how to build.

ReCycle Cargo Trailer
Moving Trolly Bike Trailer
Seat Post Basket Trailer
Pull Behind Cart Trailer
Number Two Trailer
Xn Trick Cycles Trailer
Crazy Frame Trailer

Better instructions:

Includes good pictures and detailed instructions.

El Cheapo Trailer
Cheap But Good Trailer
Bamboo Trailer
International Bicycle Fund Cargo Trailer
Rubbermade Trailer
Bigger Bike Trailer
Big Dumb Trailer

Best instructions:

Includes many pictures with step by step instructions and item lists.

Tasmanian Single Roller
Single Wheeled Trailer
Flatbed Trailer
Bike Blender
Temporary Bike Trailer
Roof Rack Trailer
Conduit Trailer
Seat Mount Rubbermade Trailer
Re~Cycle Trailer
Side Rail Trailer

If you are interested in building one of the trailers you have seen here we have a detailed post about Hitches and Couplers that might be handy to read when deciding how to attach the trailer to your bike. If you don’t have the DIY bug but are still interested in viewing more trailers we have a compiled a large list of bike trailers that might assist you in your search for the perfect trailer.

I will continue to add items to this list as I stumble upon more DIY trailers. If you know of a good project that I havent posted on my list please post the URL in the comment box and tell us about it.

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20 thoughts on “DIY Bicycle Trailer List”

  1. Great list, and just what I was looking for. Thanks.

  2. RJ says:

    THANK YOU for putting this resource together!


  3. I found this kit… Thinking of using it to build a custom trailer/stroller for my son.


    They seemed willing to sell a custom kit as well.
    Will let you know if/when I get it done…

  4. Great post. Bookmarked, Tagged, and Twittered. I’m going to give one of these projects a try this spring.

  5. Robin says:

    I will update this list soon! Thanks for the feedback!

  6. […] trailer built by Peter Eland of Velo Vision. While this trailer could be categorized under our Do-It-Yourself bike trailer list, the attention to detail and purpose built features, set this trailer apart into deserving a post […]

  7. Gerry Lauzon says:

    I’m glad to see that my trailers are part of this list. They are still being used to this day. I’m thinking about making another one this summer.

    Gerry 🙂

  8. […] mobile system into and he’s ready to clinic anybody, hopefully about how to build your own custom bike trailer. This trailer comes with functional external lights and is lockable. Hope this bike cargo […]

  9. […] think this is a great DIY custom mod of an older bike trailer, that originally was intended for a different use, into a great […]

  10. […] sent in these images of his DIY Bike Trailer. It looks like quite the configuration, specifically the utilization of the the seat post mounted […]

  11. […] there is often the need to get somewhere with two bikes. The BOB is shown here with a clever DIY project for setting up your BOB as a bicycle tow truck of sorts. The designer of this setup, Chris, also […]

  12. […] Freedom is particularly interested in evolving a good Do-It-Yourself bike trailer design for use in 3rd World areas with poor transportation resources. Bike cargo trailers can be […]

  13. […] of his bike trailer that he fashioned over the weekend from an old wheelchair. Recycling and DIY mixed together are always great to […]

  14. Theo K says:

    Hi There, It’s a good site you have. Sure I’ll have it a try to build one. Thanks.

  15. […] is one of the nicest looking examples of a DIY bike cargo trailer we’ve seen. Here is what Fabian has to say about his […]

  16. […] anyone who wants to start a DIY bike trailer but isn’t quite sure where to start, just take some inspiration from James. You don’t […]

  17. […] at the Bike Trailer Blog we love to hear about DIY bike trailer projects, but something we love even more than creation from scratch is creation from recycle. […]

  18. […] commuting and being used in all sort’s of wierd and wacky ways. We’re excited about diy Bike Trailers, new bike trailer designs and ideas, new models of brand name bike trailers and new bike trailer […]

  19. Michael says:

    A very good resource. Thanks for compiling it!
    One of the best trailer bike websites is for the Bike-Buggy Trailer.

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