Knog Franks Dog Messenger Bag

In August I was looking for a messenger bag that not only carried my 15″ MacBook Pro safely but also was was more on the water proof side.   After doing many hours of research I decided on a Knog bag called Franks Dog.   Not only did it fit my laptop well, it had a heavy 1200D fabric, a built in rain fly and with an extra attachment turned into a pannier.

A week into owning the bag I was riding to class in torrential down pour with the bag attached to my rack and the rain fly in its place.   When I say it was down pouring, it literally was at the end of a hurricane pushing its way through Charlotte, NC.   I was happy to say all my books, papers and shoes arrived dry and safe.   The next day I felt confident enough to trust my laptop in the bag and rain fly during the continued rain.

The size of the bag is compact. When not riding I use the bag to carry papers, laptop, and anything more than my daily pocket baggage.   What is amazing is how much you can stuff in the bag.   Often I have my laptop, charger, shoes, a t shirt, tools and miscellaneous “stuff” in the bag with it still fitting comfortably on my back.

Now the pannier attachment is my favorite part of the bag.   My bag can sometimes be over 20-25 lbs when I have all the things I listed above.   It is super nice to be able to clip in the attachment and then drop the bag on my rear rack.   The attachment had its flaws as it can easily allow the bag to pop off the rack if you go over a pot hole or huge bump in the sidewalk.   I added toe straps that were trimmed down that wrap around the attachment and rack to keep everything secure.

Yes, this bag has downfalls but not many.   The only other thing that bothered me other than the pannier attachment is the 2nd chest strap.   It didn’t seem to meet my chest well.   Maybe it will work with your body better.

The cost is $190 which is steep, but for universal use and the safety for my laptop its worth it.   Also there are rated R images inside the main flap so not very family friendly.

Visit Knog for more info.

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0 thoughts on “Knog Franks Dog Messenger Bag”

  1. Mike says:

    I was excited to read this review because it is what I am looking for but I am turned off by the “R” rated image. As you mention in your review, not family friendly.

    Too bad.

  2. Arleigh says:

    Hey Mike,

    One thought I had for the bag with the “rated r” is to either stitch in a patch over as it has a liner you can stitch into or sharpie over some clothing on the figures!

  3. Lara says:


    Chrome also makes a really great messenger bag. I bought one for my boyfriend and now will be buying one for myself; they are one of the few companies that offer left-handed quality messenger bags. Their straps are comfortably padded with a seatbelt style closure. Neat colours too!

    Check it out:

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks for the review. Among other things i raw the characters that live inside the bags. For the 2009 range I dressed them all in un-matching underwear . . . . no more cartoon nudity! – (however we are releasing Porno Patches shortly – self adhesive tyre patches – that are …. well …. um )

  5. Anton says:

    Hey, any chance of more photos of the rack hardware? And what you did to stop it bouncing out?


  6. Jasmine says:

    Hi, how has your bag held up so far? What do you think of the white fabric a few months in? Still white or do you wish you’d picked a darker color?


  7. neotint says:

    How is that “universal hub” holding up?
    I looks like a plastic to plastic connection. Even the rear rack hooks look plastic.

    Has is broken yet for your?

    I’ve heard folks here in NYC who had this bag and it broke after daily commuting over pot holes, cobble stone streets, your typical scared and rugged NYC streets, etc.

    The bag *looks* great, but am hesitant to buy it if it doesn’t *work* great over time in *real-world urban use*.

  8. Hankystar says: now has a special where you can get the Franks Dog Bag, a pair of Knog lights, and a Salsa Casseroll SS bike – all for $735.

  9. Hi

    The New updated version of the Knog Frank Dog is available to buy at Salt Dog Cycling.

    Many thanks,


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