Reader's Pick: Favorites of 2008

Tell us your favorite thing about 2008. This is your platform now. Maybe it was your favorite post on CBB, your favorite new product from Interbike, or your most memorable bicycle commuting moment from the past year. Let us know in the comments!

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0 thoughts on “Reader's Pick: Favorites of 2008”

  1. Dylan says:

    The release of the Surly Big Dummy from captivity, and being blessed to have Speedgoat build one for me. Renewed my love for all things pedal-powered, and puts a smile on my face with every ride.

  2. Tom says:

    Walking away from a head-on collision with a car, where I flew over the hood, took off her passenger mirror with my thigh, and came away with just a couple of bruises (and a Trek with a bent frame and taco’d wheel).

    Then getting enough of an insurance settlement to buy a way nicer bike and drop a few hundred on accessories at my LBS, and take my family out to a nice dinner.

  3. chickentaste says:

    Finally learning how to build a wheel. It’s great when you’re waiting at traffic lights and people ask you where you got them. “I made them… wahahahahaha!”

  4. Worst: landing elbow-first on the road after hitting a miniscule pothole, breaking my humerus into seven pieces in the process.

    Best: rebuilding my bike with groovy tri-bars (so my gimpy arm can reach them!) and getting back on it for the first time a few months later.

  5. Ghost Rider says:

    Selling my car and replacing it with an Xtracycle…a life-changing event that still puts a smile on my face!

  6. xcskimt (Robert) says:

    This year I pedaled oer 2000 cummuting miles. In one stretch this summer/fall, I went 4 months without filling up my car. I took some of my savings and I am buying the new Shimano 7900 series components for Christmas. I am sooo excited.

  7. NoTrail says:

    My favorite thing about 2008 was that I starting to commute by bike again after many years of being addicted to my car. It felt so good!!

    Now I’m in the process of building a proper commuter bike and returning my mountain bike to its previous ‘knobby’ glory.

  8. Tony Bullard says:

    Realizing how feasible commuting by bike is, and then doing it.

  9. ethan says:

    My favorite thing about 2008 was finally having my living/working situation worked out, so that I could actually bike to work every day. Followed by the realization that I do not have to be a badass on my bike. Followed by pandas. Followed by my Timbuk2 Messenger Bag.

  10. Patrick says:

    Gas prices skyrocketing and bike commuting becoming more the norm. I am kind-of bummed that prices are now in the $1.39 range here in Austin.

  11. Len says:

    I won the Raleigh One Way in the Commute by Bike contest and I really love riding it, primarily for errands, coffee runs, occasional commuting. My office moved closer to home last week, so I hope to be able to ride the One Way to work more frequently in 2009.

  12. Mike says:

    Bought my first folding bike, Dahon MU P8. Opened Up many commuting options.

  13. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    Since I started commuting by bike in the summer of 05′, I have lost count of my milage… Somewhere around 18 – 20,000. Also getting my first Ducth style bike… : )

  14. Stuart M. says:

    2008 was a bad year in many ways, but the best thing about it is the totally good health I am in for the first time in a long time, all thanks to heavy-duty bike commuting about 4 days a week throughout the year.

    My upper torso ain’t much to look at, but I love assuming the “Atlas” pose in front of my wife, flexing all my calf and thigh muscles and letting her touch them. She goes, “Oooooo.”

  15. jason (sd) says:

    I added blizzard conditions to my list of ridden in weather. It did not seem that bad in town but nearly the whole state was under a blizzard warning at the time, so I think it counts. I will rank it just below the marble size hail from the previous summer.
    Another moment to remember will be having a police Captain threaten to charge me with -disturbing the peace’ for not riding as far to the right as possible. The ironic thing is that I am on the committee to make our city more Bike friendly.

  16. BiggerDummy says:

    I’d have to say buying my Surly Big Dummy and using it for 3000 miles of commuting from April through November instead of buying a second car. Followed closely by making my final car payment in August.

  17. Darren says:

    Getting a new Bacchetta Giro and setting it up specifically for commuting. Fenders, rack, DiNotte lights, etc.

    Commuting in the rain to vote and one of the poll workers asking if I was the person who biked to vote earlier in the year (yes I was).

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