Month: January 2009

Hey Ma, I won a Scholarship!

A few weeks ago I submitted my application to the League of American Bicyclist for a $1,000 scholarship to a first time attendee of the National Bike Summit. The scholarship will be a reimbursement for travel, housing and sign up cost to get to and attend the summit. I had submitted the application under the…

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Bimodal Commuting

Referencing a commuting woe article from a month ago about how I simply could not figure a safe way to commute my new route to work. Yes. I’ve read all the comments. I would say I have more nerve than most folks when it comes to riding on the side of busy roads and there…

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BrightBike : A Reflective Bike

Beacon Graphics and Eye Beam teamed up with some reflective 3M tape and came up with a pretty cool bike decal set called BrightBike.  With two different sets available, either Pre-cut or Uncut it will give the do-it-yourselfer a pretty unique and safe bike. 3M tape comes in various colors so you could match your…

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Portland Design Works and Their Commuter Gear

Editor’s Note: This is a press release concerning a new accessory line from some former Planet Bike employees. Former Planet Bike Employees launch Portland Design Works Portland, OR- January 19, 2009- Industry veterans Erik Olson and Dan Powell have launched Portland Design Works (PDW), a new brand of urban bicycle accessories with a focus on…

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Step-by-step – Extrawheel Voyager

Welcome to the step-by-step instructional blog for the Extrawheel Voyager. The Voyager is the second single wheeled trailer by Extrawheel, the classic version was a slightly heavier model that used large dry bags and cargo nets to hold your items to the trailer, both models use the same carrying configuration by holding the weight of…

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Bonk Town – Another Deal Saver

If you are a fan of,, or you will enjoy the latest “buy it when its hot” deal banger. The name of it is BonkTown, I’m assuming from the bonking you can get on mile 65 of a crucial road ride.  Since being introduced in the past week they’ve had some pretty…

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Welcome to the Bike Shop Hub….

The Bike Shop Hub is our website that will bring together many of the activities that are going on in our growing number of websites. At the moment our sites Bike Trailer Shop and Bike Bag Shop are open for business and Bike Kid Shop is slated for launch in the next few months. The…

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Get paid to commute by bike

While many of us are excited at the possible $20 U.S. Federal tax benefit (should they ever materialize at your employer), some communities already offer $40 and more per month in cash for those who commute by bike. This is Anna in Birmingham, Alabama, who writes for the Bike Skirt Blog. Anna is eligible for…

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