Levels of Government Using Bike Sharing

It seems like there are going to be more officials using bicycles across our country in their line of work. The government has recognized across the board that bicycles take up less space, give much needed exercise and are easy to use on many forms of transportation.

First there is Wheels4Wellness, which is a Federal Hill based program that utilizes Trek Pure bikes in a bike sharing program.  The program places 30 bicycles for the House of Representatives to use during lunch, to grab a cup of coffee or get exercise when not working.

Photo from : http://www.inhabitat.com

Another player is Freewheelin, which you’ll remember from the National Democratic and Republican conventions. This was the most wide spread bike-share program to date of my knowledge.  If you watched the convention there is a good chance you knew or watched the bike-share in happen.  There were blogs, online streaming video and stories in the news.

Finally, the one that caught my eye yesterday was that 30 bicycles are going to the Park Services in Washington, DC.

The program “provides a wonderful opportunity for our employees to get out of their cars and ride a bicycle, and in the process promote cleaner air and good health,” Mary A. Bomar, director of the National Park Service, said in a news release.

Does this mean we will see more bike lanes down the main arteries in DC.  I hope the positive vibes that various levels of the government are feeling towards bike-share goes directly into positive vibes towards all people on bikes.


Humana and/or Bikes Belong are the driving force behind many of these programs.  With the success of the Freewheelin program at the National Conventions I think many of these programs will be used during expo’s, conventions and maybe inaugurations.

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0 thoughts on “Levels of Government Using Bike Sharing”

  1. John says:

    My stepson is in the military. They were all told to buy a car. What’s happening is this. He’s 21 and has never owned a car. He’s been able to rely on cabs and his own two feet. However he’s about to start training that is some distance from the barracks and he has gear to carry. A bicycle and even motorcycle is impractical. There are no shuttle vans or buses on base, which surprised me. It seems like a military base would be an excellent carfree environment. Well, it’s not. Enlisted personnel don’t earn very much money and I think it’s inexcusable to suggest (it wasn’t an order) to buy a car. Thankfully he had saved his money and paid cash for a used car.

    I wonder how many will get themselves into debt trouble?

  2. Nick says:

    Spinning off the Freewheelin’ program in Denver, the city has placed 30 bikes outside a government building for city employees to use as a “trial” bike share system (to work out the kinks) before the city rolls out hundreds of bikes for public use in a year or two.

  3. It’s a nice start. The goal should be moving toward public bikes that everybody can use. I know it will be hard to swallow for some, but the Parisians have a great program going on, where you can find a public bike to use almost everywhere in the city. http://www.copenhagencyclechic.com/2008/05/la-semaine-du-vlib-et-du-vlocouture.html

    But Gov’t is great place to start and we are going to have new chief very soon, who could really move this along.

    The military would also be the perfect place to reduce car use, because orders are orders. Just say national security(which it is!) and you would have rapid change.

  4. Greg Matthews says:

    Thanks for the great post! I work for Humana, and I can tell you that we’re all thrilled to be a part of the pilots with the National Park Service and the city of Denver.
    We also appreciate your support; keep up the great work!

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