Madison is the Destination for 2016 Olympics Cycling Venue

Is Madison, Wisconsin the new Portland, Oregon?

Many individuals in the cycling community, and even the bypassing customers have mentioned Madison lately when they are talking about a strong cycling atmosphere.   Bike paths, yearly commuters, bike lanes, & Trek Bikes headquarters 30 minutes away.   I would say it has a strong cycling atmosphere!

Now in Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympic Games includes Madison as the cycling destination.

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle today announced that Madison has been selected as the cycling hub for Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.
“Not only is Madison a great place to live, it’s the nation’s premier area for bike riding,” Doyle said. “I am pleased that the Chicago 2016 Committee has chosen Madison to be its cycling hub and can’t wait for people from around the world to discover our beautiful region.

Original article at BizTimes

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0 thoughts on “Madison is the Destination for 2016 Olympics Cycling Venue”

  1. jamesmallon says:

    Do not support Chicago’s bid for the Olympics! It destroys city economies, and urban life for everyone but developers. It made a mess for Athens and Beijing they’ll be paying for years, never mind that Montreal took thirty years to finish paying for its. Though the winter’s is more modest, Vancouver is already $%#@ed.

    Toronto won the Olympics, by losing the bid, thank god.

  2. crazywheels says:

    I grew up in Madison, and my friends and I all learned to ski and snowboard at the proposed mountain biking venue! I think this is a great way to recognize Madison’s bike-friendly culture.

    btw, your title says 2010 and not 2016.

  3. Arleigh says:


    thanks for catching my snafu. That’s what I get for writing in a cold infected haze.

  4. Sean says:

    Whoever writes these posts must be a mind reader. I was just reading about bicycling in Madison.

    I was thinking about how cool the Jonny Cycles bicycles were at the NAHBS a couple years back in San Jose. He’s out of Madison, so I started to read about Madison. According to Wikipedia, Madison “has 20 percent of the nation’s bicycling industry manufacturing capacity”.

    I also had an old 1981 Trek fixie which I believe said made in Madison.

  5. Eric says:

    I grew up and currently live in Madison. My wife’s from Chicago (Oak Park). If the city is smart about how they approach the Olympics (if they get the bid), I think it could be one of the greatest things since they hosted the World’s Fair. Madison’s a fabulous place to live and ride and I’m very proud that it would host the cycling events. We’ve got a long way to go before we’re on Portland’s level of infrastructure and numbers but we could certainly get there.

  6. Arleigh says:

    Sean –

    We do our best at being mind readers… though I think we fail daily at it. Glad we got this one right!

  7. Dingbat says:

    A little commuter content, and something for jamesmallon’s mental hopper: What we (Chicago’s transportation cyclists and carfree or car-light residents) are hoping to keep from the Olympics is improved transportation infrastructure: another elevated (or subway) line is a realistic possibility, and major bus (and for that matter, road) investment is a necessity.

    And for now, we’re enjoying the Chicago Crit!

  8. Pardon me, but I believe Portland is the new (and granted, improved) Madison. We may be pikers, but we’re not newbies.

    Sean, also of note are Jonny’s shopmates Ahren and Zach. Oh, and your Trek was brazed in a barn in Waterloo, WI.

    With regard to the olympics, Madison (and more accurately, the driftless area of southwestern Wisconsin) would be an excellent venue for the cycling events. Much better than northeastern Illinois, which is flatter than my singing.

  9. Sean says:

    @Mauricio Thanks for the links! These are some beautiful bikes!

  10. kaz kougar says:

    Man, all I here is Portland. We get no love two hours south down here in Eugene. With 30 miles of paved off street bike paths and 89 miles of on street paths it’s a bike enthusiast’s paradise. Plus our weather’s better. Oh and don’t forget about Corvallis, they deserve much love for their cycle friendly community as well. Portland’s just the tip of the iceberg out here. But if you come to visit down here in the valley just make sure you leave, eventually 😉

  11. Rachel says:

    pas mal cool je vais revenir voir si ya des changements

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