Portland Design Works and Their Commuter Gear

Editor’s Note: This is a press release concerning a new accessory line from some former Planet Bike employees.

Former Planet Bike Employees launch Portland Design Works

Portland, OR- January 19, 2009-

Industry veterans Erik Olson and Dan Powell have launched Portland Design Works (PDW), a new brand of urban bicycle accessories with a focus on simple, beautiful design. The first two categories of product, grips and inflation, will begin shipping in mid-February and can be viewed on the new PDW website, www.ridepdw.com. Cargo racks, tools, mini-pumps and fenders will be available by late spring.

PDW is still finalizing their national distribution lineup, but hopes to have their goods available nationwide by summer. Products will be available direct to bicycle shops in the city of Portland, and Powell and Olson will deliver the orders by bicycle.

“We want to be a part of the community, to have a connection,” says Olson, “plus making deliveries by bike is a great excuse to get out and ride.”

Olson and Powell last collaborated as the general manager and sales/marketing guy, respectively, for Planet Bike. The new venture is a dream come true for the native Midwesterners, who are excited to be living in Portland.

“You’d start a surf company near great waves, or a wind farm on an enormous plain. Likewise, we moved to Portland because its bike-friendly culture allows so many folks to get around easily by bike,” says Powell. “We wanted to design and test our gear in that great urban cycling atmosphere.”

PDW is a member of 1% For the Planet, an alliance of businesses that donate at least 1% of their annual revenues to environmental organizations worldwide.

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0 thoughts on “Portland Design Works and Their Commuter Gear”

  1. Juan says:

    I’d think the wood grips would be slick to hold onto with a gloved hand, and $50 is more than I’d want to spend. $40 for the other set doesn’t entice me either. I’ve never understood bolt-on grips anyway……always seemed like a high tech solution to a low tech problem. I’ve never had my grips twist or slip before.

  2. redcliffs says:

    $30 for a less functional copy of PB’s Red Zeppelin CO2 inflator? I wish these guys luck, for sure, but following on what Juan said… that’s a way too expensive solution to a market niche that’s already been filled.

  3. Arleigh says:


    I almost only ride lock on. In wet conditions with my single speed or fixie where I am yanking on my handlebars I had the feeling of a loose grip.

    Yes the grips are expensive, but follow the niche market of bikes in Portland. I’m sure they will be designing more budget friendly parts as time goes on.

  4. Ghost Rider says:

    “Likewise, we moved to Portland because its bike-friendly culture allows so many folks to get around easily by bike,”

    What? Madison wasn’t friendly enough for you?!? Of course, Portland has far milder winters than the Great Plains.

    I wish these guys luck — the stuff looks good so far!

  5. Mike Myers says:

    I always like to see somebody taking a risk and following their dream. But, yeah, Madison is very bike friendly. If not for the winters I suppose it would be perfect. GR and I live in places where the weather is nice but aren’t bike friendly. They’re downright bike-hostile, actually.

  6. Their stuff looks real nice–can’t wait to see more. Here in Marquette, MI, we also have a very active, bike friendly community, but the winters here definitely make one envious of places like Portland with year round riding.

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