Hey Ma, I won a Scholarship!

A few weeks ago I submitted my application to the League of American Bicyclist for a $1,000 scholarship to a first time attendee of the National Bike Summit. The scholarship will be a reimbursement for travel, housing and sign up cost to get to and attend the summit.

I had submitted the application under the shops name, Trek Bikes Charlotte, and spoke about the advocacy work I am part of here. Also, I mentioned how in the state of North Carolina we have to deal with outspoken Patrick McHenry, the Representative from our state with many opinions AGAINST bikes.

The National Bike Summit isn’t for another 2 months, March 10-13 in Washington D.C. I still am getting my list of things I want to accomplish, workshops I want to attend and hopefully either an old bike shop or two as I am from the D.C area. There are hopes floating in my head of President Obama or someone in his staff attending. He is a bike friendly gentleman, and this summit will be at his doorstep.

You still have time to register for the event and make sure to become a League member to save yourself some money as well. If you do plan to attend please make a comment below or shoot me an email Arleigh@CrookedCog.com

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0 thoughts on “Hey Ma, I won a Scholarship!”

  1. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    Very good Arleigh!…. : )

    One of the pushing factors that helped me become a commuter bicyclist, was members of the dark side of our government downing bicycles. If they had kept their fat mouths shut I may not have gave a second thought to the few bicyclists I saw just before I was born again.
    So everyone, keep riding those bikes to work, the store and everywhere. I can’t be the only one who puts 2 and 2 together”.

  2. Tom Martin says:

    Hi Arleigh:

    I do plan to attend, but the costs are prohibitive, even for a one day pass.

    Congratulations in getting a scholarship!

  3. Roger says:

    @ Arleigh:

    I note two politicians, both “republican,” who’ve made idiotic public statements against the bicycle. Sadly, their stated opinions are probably shared by the vast majority of their constituency.

    Most people, regardles of party, do not understand the bicycle as an adult form of transportation.

    I’ve been disenchanted with Republicans, too, but it has nothing to do with bicycles. Fact is, they’ve abandoned their core principles.

    I’ve always considered myself a conservative, and mostly vote republican, although in one of those online tests I came out as a libertarian-leaning centrist. (Who’s running with that party affiliation?)

    I love bikes mostly because I just love bikes. I do, however, care about the environment, and conserving the limited resources of this planet. I care even more about national security, of which energy independence is a major staple.

    I say all this only to make the point that bicycles represent a common ground for plenty of different political viewpoints, and the comments of 2 or even 200 people in the GOP or anywhere else should not cloud your judgement in dealing with individuals.

  4. Roger says:

    My apologies. I should have lead with “@Paul in Minneapolis.”

    Furthermore, I was remiss in not congratulating Arleigh. So, Congrats, Arleigh!

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