Adding Some Safety

To be able to track where the unsafe roads, scary dogs, glass strewn shoulders and roads under construction is priceless. This is exactly the latest feature at Have issues daily on your commute. Let us know and become safer in the numbers.

LOUISVILLE, KY (BRAIN), Louisville’s online community for cyclists, has launched Safe Rides. Safe Rides is a program that allows cyclists to log unsafe incidents or conditions they encounter on our local roads into a database enabling all members of the Web site to easily access this information and pinpoint possible “trouble spots” in their city.

The online tool is a combination of Google Maps, Street View and a BikeClicks database that delivers a user-friendly visual presentation to ensure that your next ride is a safer one. Users can report incidents, accidents and fatalities which show up on a map of the city providing a visual indication of potential danger zones along with a detailed description of the incident.

The program came about as a response to the fact that many cyclists are hit by cars, chased by dogs and yelled at or “buzzed” by angry drivers each day.

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0 thoughts on “ Adding Some Safety”

  1. shuttleguy says:

    Great idea! A little hard to find on their website under “stuff.” Would like to see this on a national level.

  2. BikeClicks says:

    Thanks! We’re testing some features that will make Safe Rides available on a national level later this month!


  3. BikeClicks says:

    Shuttleguy –
    Safe Rides on BikeClicks is now available nationwide – also much easier to find thanks to new site design & upgrades!

  4. Shuttleguy says:

    Much easier to find. Nothing posted in Wisconsin yet, but saw some other Midwest postings. Hope people use it. It could be very helpful.

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