Eighth Inch : A New Fixie Company

There’s a shop in Wisconsin called Wheel & Sprocket, located in Milwaukee..   There is something hiding under the claimed “largest shop in Wisconson” title.   It’s a small fixed gear and single speed company called Eighth Inch, after the width drive train many fixed riders use.

Eighth Inch has a little bit of everything for the fixed gear lover, and even the budget minded commuter.   From colored parts galore, many being brought in under their own name to a mini 1:9 scaled bikes..   They also have a blog to follow the new product and thoughts going through the company.

Here’s a few things that really caught my eye with their company:

The Scrambler Track Frameset .   $139

Yes, I said $139 (well $139.50 to be exact) for a frame and fork..   Eight Inch has almost sold out of their original 360 frame set order and I don’t wonder why.   For the budget minded person getting into fixed or singlespeed riding the frameset is an easy way to do so.   The colors available are limited to black which makes the decision buying process easy, it also allows you to custom color all your accessories..   The frameset mounts for brakes front and rear, braze ons for racks/fenders and constructed out of 4130 steel just like my favorite riding Surlys.

Vittoria Randounneer White 700x28c Tires

There are a few tires that fixed gear riders swear by, to me its also tires that commuters can trust.   The Vittoria Randounner tires at 700x28c will fit most road bikes and outfit your 700c bike very well.   Available in white from Eight Inch is a nice touch too. (They are also available in black through your local bike shop.)

Pedal ID Pedalmafia Scaled 1:9 Toy

You’ve seen TechDeck mini skateboards as toys, now you can have your own scaled down fixed gear.   Tons of accessories to outfit your bike and make it your own too.   From tires, aerospoked wheels, saddles, cranks and more.

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0 thoughts on “Eighth Inch : A New Fixie Company”

  1. Alan says:

    That’s Eighth Inch, not Eight Inch (as in 1/8″).
    There might be earthmoving machinery using eight inch width chains, but not bikes 🙂

  2. Arleigh says:

    Opps missed an h. That’s what I get for writing in the middle of the night!

  3. It’s too bad their logo looks so ugly and is subsequently branded on their frame. I’m not sure if it’s a step above or below the Papyrus font, but either way, the step is not big enough.

    This Wisconsin-based company should check out the Milwaukee Bicycle Company’s logo. Now THAT’S something I’d put between my legs.

  4. Franklin says:

    Where is the clearance for the front fender? looks like a tight fit.

  5. Ralphy says:

    Their logo isn’t branded on their frame. From the website: “Frame comes blank (black) with no decals included”

  6. Olliesdad says:

    My new word of the week is…. Fixie

    Is it fair to define the term as..

    “Of or pertaining to Fixed Gear Bicyles and all that may be attached or affixed to them.”

  7. Chris says:

    i have one of these frames v2 . and i have got to say i have no complaints so far. it came with a pretty decent headset, and seatpost. i wouldnt really say that there is much wrong with it. and just a little FYI the bike does not come with decals on it.

  8. Amy says:

    Hi do you have an eight inch fixed gear single speed conversion kit in white, black or other colors?

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