Xtracycle Radish on Sale: Today Only!

In my inbox I found some Xtracycle love this morning:
A $999 Radish including Footsies and a Magic Carpet to take someone on a ride with you.

Yes it is true, February is a month of love and Xtracycle is pulling all the strings for you and a loved one to get out on a ride together. Regardless of children too small, people not owning another bike, broken wrist or lack of skill the Radish (or any Xtracycle vehicle) is your answer. Everyone wants to take a ride on mine and it successfully has gotten the “up and down” look from some hotties.

Go save some money and share the love!

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0 thoughts on “Xtracycle Radish on Sale: Today Only!”

  1. Stuart M. says:

    Great! It’s February 18 now. I was wondering whether the Radish saddle can be adjusted to my 6’3″ height? ARe you a tall guy too? Thanks!

  2. Rick PIckett says:


    Sadly, the Radish geometry was designed for riders 5′ to 6′ tall. I’m 6’6″ and it’s a bit small for me, my father also rode it and he’s your height. We rode them low-rider style: saddle all the way down, butts on the SnapDeck.

    I’d suggest getting a FreeRadical and mounting it to your existing or new-found bike. You can score sweet close-out deals at shops for last year rides and get new components and a new frame.

    Or, save the cash and get a Big Dummy. I ride one and love it, but I understand justifying the cost.

    cheers and ride on!

    Rick @ xtracycle

  3. Stuart M. says:


    Thanks for the answer.

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