Salsa CroMoto Stem Recall

Salsa Cycles is working with the Consumer Products Safety Commission on a recall of the CroMoto S.U.L. stem. Please see the attached letter from Salsa General Manager Jason Boucher and the press release from the CPSC.

Salsa is committed to designing and manufacturing high quality, safe bicycle products. We are extremely disappointed that this situation occurred. We are cooperating fully with the CPSC to remedy this situation.

Full PDF

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0 thoughts on “Salsa CroMoto Stem Recall”

  1. Mase says:

    As one of the riders who had one of these stems fail (went down hard as the handlebars, obviously, completely same off the bike), this is long overdue. My shoulders are still sore from the crash that occurred the day after Thanksgiving.

  2. brian says:

    Mase- Under what conditions were you using the bike in general and when the stem failed? Pavement commuting or off-road mountain biking?

  3. Mase says:

    Normal pavement riding. Hit a small pothole, but nothing I’d consider even bunny-hopping over, and the stem just broke. Could see clearly that the weld point at the top of the neck of the stem (where it broke) that it was corroded … badly.

    Was on a Salsa Casserroll (Single). Barely 3 months old.

  4. brian says:

    Bummer. Thought I would be relatively unaffected by this recall due to the type of riding I do on this particular bike. Mine is on a 3 month old Salsa La Cruz that rarely sees dirt. Thanks for the info.

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