Utility Cycling coming soon!

The planets are getting closer to aligning for the official launch of UtilityCycling.org. I figured I should put up this post for those of you who happen to stumble across the start of our new community. We hope to be up and running, generating blog posts and more around May or June.To start out our goal for UtilityCycling.org will be to try to define the idea of Utility Cycling. This is a term that is starting to circling around to describe all things to with using a bicycle for things other than recreation and sport. We want to explore and possibly help define what that means more specifically.If you happen to have stumbled across this blog and are in any way inspired by this at the moment feeble progress towards starting something feel free to post a coment of encouragement to get our butts in gear.In the meantime, you can see our blogging efforts at our current active blog, Bike Trailer Blog.Ride On!

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0 thoughts on “Utility Cycling coming soon!”

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  2. B. Clark says:

    Love the idea of a dedicated Utility Cycling page. Sign me up!

  3. Rod says:

    The kickstand on this photo looks wild…gotta imagine it folds backwards, up under the downtube? Would love to see the reaction of rolling this in front of a few of the mailmen in my neighborhood. It wouldn’t be pretty.

  4. @Rod: From memory it folds back with a spring pulling it up and folding it. It’s designed to fold straight when the bike is resting on it so the weight is on the support frame and not on the hinges.
    A lot of these bikes have electric assist with a hub motor in the front wheel and two massive batteries on the back. This one has the cages for the battries but they’re empty.

    BTW ‘Deutsche Post’ means German Post, not Dutch. 🙂 We have these in our village although I haven’t seen one with a trailer yet. The postpersons operating them say they couldn’t move the bikes without the motor when loaded.

  5. Doron Algam says:

    . Those ones look so heavy and complicated. I think they need to switch to the Bullitt. Design a yellow box for them with the German post logo on it and it will fly. No need for an engine.


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