Month: July 2009

Final Burley Trailers sale for 2009 has just started a Burley Trailer sale. Get setup with a Burley Child Trailer, Burley Cargo Trailer or a Burley Pet Trailer. Call us Bike Trailer Shop at 1-800-717-2596 or email if you have any questions. Sale runs thru August 19th.

The Logistics of Bicycle Commuting

The next piece of the bicycle commuting puzzle is logistical. How are you going to get to where ever it is you plan to go? What will you do with your bike when you get there? These questions are liable to arise when you start to seriously consider the possibility of bicycle commuting. But do…

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Starting With The Basics

Now that we know a bit more about the history and practice of commuting, it’s high time we get down and dirty and start talking about the different elements that make up the practice of bicycle commuting. There are some really great resources of the web for bicycle commuters: Commute By Bike, Bike Commuters, Paul…

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Check out our new Blog,

We’ve just launched our new blog, focused on looking at the bicycle for things beyond recreation. While we love having fun on our bikes, this is the perfect time to start encouraging cyclists and non-cyclists alike to look at the bicycle as a tool for a large variety of transportation needs. With this in mind,…

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Xtracycle or Bike Trailer or Both?

A frequent question we get at the Bike Trailer Shop is comparing the advantages to owning an Xtracycle to a bike trailer. The main topics to consider in comparing these two methods for carrying cargo and passenger on bikes are versatility; carrying cargo, passengers and specialty uses; and handling characteristics. Versatility: The first thing to…

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