Month: August 2009

Globe Cycle is proud to be sponsoring James Bowthorpe of Globe Cycle with Orlieb panniers. James is currently riding his bicycle around the world in order to raise money and awareness for Parkinson’s Disease research. James is currently well on his way to breaking the current word record for circumnavigating the world by bicycle, but more…

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Bicycle Mapping

We are all map-users. Whether or not we recognize this fact (or like it, for that matter), is a whole different story. Maps are made for accomplishing a wide range of tasks from navigation to defining boundaries to measuring bits of information to showing elevation and much, much more. Maps are literally visual representations of…

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Globe Cycle

File this one under cycling for a cause. James Bowthorpe is riding around the globe to raise money for Parkinson’s research. James is from London and is a volunteer at a Parkinson’s Disease research clinic based at King’s College London in the Institute of Psychiatry. James originally volunteered at the clinic to get experience in…

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