Bike Trailers Pulling Bike Trailers

A customer of ours sent some photos to us of his BOB Trailer pulling his Burley Trailer. This brought to mind other instances of multiple bike trailers that we’ve encountered. It also seemed like an interesting blog post to put up when we have both BOB Trailers and Burley Trailers on sale. Our Burley Trailer Sale ends today and our BOB Trailer Sale will be running through August 30th.

Multi-trailer setups always catch my interest and attention. While double bike trailer setups score very high on the eye-catching, conversation starting side of things I have to say that their level of safety may be a bit questionable. Not to raise alarm bells, however, these dual-trailer setups are definitely beyond the scope of what the product designers intended and tested for.

That all being said, they make for some entertaining photos for this blog. And if you are cautious and know what you are getting yourself into, could be a good setup for further expanding the cargo capacity of your bike.

When it comes to combination of trailers, I’ve encountered quite a few:

Two BOB Trailers in a row
BOB Trailer pulling a two-wheeled trailer
TrailerCycle pulling a Bike Child Trailer
Xtracycle pulling a two-wheeled trailer

I have to say that of all of these setups, the Xtracycle pulling a two-wheeled trailer makes the most sense and a trailercycle pulling a bike child trailer makes me the most nervous.
Anyone else have any good double bike trailer photos or experiences?

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0 thoughts on “Bike Trailers Pulling Bike Trailers”

  1. I have to say that it didn’t even occur to me that putting a trailer behind the Xtracycle was unusual at all. I’ve done it a few times and find it works very well.

    The double BOB scares me a little. I really like my BOB, but if overloaded it’s quite a handful. Good for the camera, but I can’t see that two connected together with any weight in them would be a lot of fun.

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