Announcing the Launch of the Wandertec BONGO Bike Trailer!

There’s a new bike trailer in town! The Wandertec Bongo Bike Trailer. Need to get those groceries home but they won’t fit in your backpack? Need to make some deliveries but the messenger bag just doesn’t cut it? Need to tour around the world? The Wandertec BONGO is your answer. We’ve put our years of bike trailer experience into the BONGO to fit the needs of those looking for the ultimate utility bike trailer.

The Bongo comes in two sizes and is equipped with a thick, weather resistant, wood load bed, suitable for any cargo. Included is Wandertec’s custom strap system, a six point, fully adjustable, buckled strapping system, two removable wheels, either 20′ for the large or 16′ for the small, and a universal hitch system which mounts to any bike with a quick release or nutted axel. We worked hard to design a hitch arm that is fully adjustable both in length and in ability to be leveled and that locks securely and doesn’t bang around. Using a unique compression bolt design we have achieved the following along with allowing the hitch arm to swing up to turn the BONGO into a handcart.

We are currently offering the basic version of the BONGO but have upgrades and accessories in development. There are many commercially available containers already on the market that work great with the BONGO, such as the Rubbermaid 24 gal Action Packer. All the parts on the BONOG can be found just about anywhere, probably anywhere in the world. So field repairs are as simple as tying your shoes.

*We will be running a special sale in celebration of the BONGO release, $30.00 off the price of a small or large BONGO for the first two week of the listing, get them while they last!*

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0 thoughts on “Announcing the Launch of the Wandertec BONGO Bike Trailer!”

  1. Ken Lamm says:


    I read about your Wondertec Bongo Bike Trailer on your website, and it sounds like what I am looking for in a new trailer. I ride a 1987 Jamis Dakota Mountain Bike along with an old, narrow tire Trek, and will switch my B.O.B. YAK trailer from the Jamis to the Trek if I get your new trailer.

    Since I live in Flag, I could look at either of the two sizes you have and if you want to dump an old prototype on a local guy I am not fussy about how the bike looks or works.

    Is it best if I just stop by your shop some day for the next step?

    — Ken Lamm

    1. Adam says:


      We would love to have come by, our Address is 2505 N Center st. on the East Side.

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