Washington's Vulnerable User Law

It seems like a pretty important law, Washington’s Vulnerable User Law, is going up to be passed in January 2010.

Each year in Washington state, nearly 500 pedestrians and bicyclists are killed or critically injured by motor vehicles. Shockingly, almost none of these drivers is ever held accountable.In the vast majority of cases, these collisions were found to be the direct consequence of moving violations like speeding, driving while texting, talking on the phone, failing to yield the right of way or just not paying attention.

A traffic ticket is the worst the driver can expect if they run you over. Do you think there’s something wrong with this picture? We do.

Contact the Cascade Bicycle Club to get involved.

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0 thoughts on “Washington's Vulnerable User Law”

  1. Andy says:

    It’s appalling that the “I didn’t see them – they came out of nowhere!” excuse gets drivers out of the responsibility of injuring someone else.

    I find the term “vulnerable road user” funny though, because 42,000 people in cars died last year.

  2. Go for it. I find it apalling that some places don’t have this law. In Germany the stronger road user is always held accountable, so if a car hits me he’s responsible unless I’m cycling drunk or stupidly. Of course if I hit a pedestrian I’m responsible, and quite right too.

    It does make a huge difference to how drivers treat you. In Germany you can usually (not always, but usually) be sure they will stop at crossings and give cyclists space- because if they hit you, it’s their fault, period. In the UK, where I grew up and there is no such law it’s almost unheard of.

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