Trek's Ride+ Electric Bikes

This past August was Trek World where dealers of Trek, Gary Fisher and Bontrager go and learn all about the next years product. One of the hot ticket items was the electric assist bike line up from Trek. Using a rechargeable battery that connects to a Silent Drive motor, with a push of a button you can have 200x the energy you are putting into the bike. Trek has named their electric assist bike series the Ride+ that has various models borrowed from their current lifestyle lineup.

Frequent questions answered on the Ride+ Technology on :

  • You must be pedaling the bike for the electric assist to work
  • There is a 2 year or 600 charge cycle warranty.
  • The battery is removable if you want to go riding without the extra weight.
  • Some states do need a license for an electric assist bike, check your local Trek dealer to see if your does.

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0 thoughts on “Trek's Ride+ Electric Bikes”

  1. Doug R. says:

    I recently tried out the FX+ and found it absolutely amazing! Don’t be fooled, you still need to pedal, but a simple effort can easily achieve 18-20mph. A tad on the heavy side, but say goodbye to a sweaty commute.

  2. Gene says:

    I don’t understand. What makes this a hot ticket item? That kind of implies they’re flying off the shelves. Can’t say I’ve seen one yet…

  3. Geo says:

    Gene –

    They aren’t fully available to all Trek Dealers as of yet, but there have been various ones scattered throughout to various dealers.

    The stores in Madison, WI have had Ride+ bikes through the Summer – they are amazing bikes!

    As noted during Trek World, these Electric Assist bikes are Trek’s #1 seller in markets such as Holland. Very cool indeed.

  4. Geo – thanks for clarifying all that for Gene.

    When I stated it was a hot ticket item it means many stores and customers are interested in getting the bike.

  5. Fakis says:

    Looking forward to the review. These bikes are interesting. And I agree – not true cycling but it IS green. If it leads to one less car, awesome.

  6. Frank Carlucci says:

    Test drove both the Treks and Giants and was disappointed in how slow they were and the requirement of pedalling to get power assistance. I ended up with a Pedego for almost $1,000 less because it was faster and looks much better.

  7. Pierre Phaneuf says:

    I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of models with a chain guard. If there was a step-through with a chain guard and full fenders, my girlfriend would be all over this!

  8. I am also surprised and a bit disappointed by the ack of chain guard. For something like this that costs a lot more than a normal bike, I would want it protected as much as possible.

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