Rainy Day Commute

Photo Credit: SimonDBarnes (Flickr)
Photo Credit: SimonDBarnes (Flickr)

Down here, in Mooresville, North Carolina, it is raining and the first cold rain we have had since spring hit.  My commute in today involved a rain jacket and rain pants, both of which I haven’t worn together in months.  As I was riding the thought of what people across the U.S are dealing with this morning for their commute..  In Minneapolis there was snow, and in Kona it was 80 degrees. 

My questions for you are, how was your ride this morning and how will you be gearing up for winter.  There is a range of articles we are working on to get you through this winter safer and more comfortable but for now I would like to hear from you!

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0 thoughts on “Rainy Day Commute”

  1. Fritz says:

    Pleasant right now in the San Francisco Bay Area, but tomorrow (Tuesday) we’re expecting several inches of rain, wind gusts to 50 mph, and mudslides in the hills. Should be a fun day to ride! 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    It was a chilly day in NY. I think it’s time for me to start wearing gloves when I ride!

    I’m planning on getting studded tires for winter riding, but I’d love to hear some more tips from you all.

  3. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    Lower thirties and wonderful non-slick snow for my 7.5 mile before sunrise morning commute to work. My co-workers didn’t think it was that great, but they don’t know what I do….

    Ride safe everyone and enjoy it!

  4. Michael says:

    Same weather here in Greensboro. I stayed with a rain jacket and tights. It was too warm for rain pants (around 50F). I consider it better to be rain wet than sweat wet upon arrival at work and that is what I would have been in a rain proof basting suit. The rain pants stay in the closest until the mercury drops below 40F. Back to the closest when its cold enough to snow and back out again below 15F.

  5. Kit says:

    As Fritz mentioned, the first big storm (and it looks like a doozy) is about to hit, so I pulled the rain pants out for my commute tomorrow.

    Honestly I’ve always kind of gotten excited about being out in the rain and getting geared up. It makes me feel tough and cool. Let the auto drivers think I’m nuts. So what if I am? 😉

  6. Winter in Honolulu sometimes means a bit of rain but generally it’s pretty pleasant. I normally commute to work in my work clothes (it’s a short commute) but when it rains I carry those in and wear shorts and a tee shirt instead. On the rare mornings it is cool enough I’ll wear a windbreaker as well. That’s it.

    I know, it sounds pretty rough. 🙂


  7. Michael says:

    This morning was pretty good here in Liberty. Cool and humid. It was starting to sprinkle a bit when I rode home for lunch. Had to take the car back (transfer station run), so I never got wet.

    Tomorrow looks good…

  8. Sean says:

    I just ordered a Showers Pass cycling rain jacket. It came highly recommended by another wet weather cyclist. I can’t wait to do some rainy day commuting in it!

  9. Marin says:

    I experienced the early Minneapolis snow first hand–it was beautiful! Glad I got new brake cables on the winter bike over the weekend.

  10. Channah! says:

    Beautiful down here in Tampa. It’s just getting cool enough that I don’t break a sweat.

  11. Michael says:

    Sean, the Showers Pass jackets are excellent rain gear. Just remember to ease up in the corners so as not to put a hole in the elbow.

  12. In Eugene OR this morning it was low 30s and clear. Tomorrow through Friday, like most of the West Coast, it will be raining and in the 40s-50s. Rain paints and rain jacket work great for me. I don’t wear shoe covers but sometimes put a shower cap on my handlebar bag. I have waterproof covers for my panniers. Oh, and fenders. Have to have fenders with mud flaps.

  13. Rick in Toronto says:

    In Toronto, today was Thanksgiving, so no morning commute, but I spent some time getting ready for tomorrow’s 🙂 Found my beanie to wear under my helmet and my mitten shells for over my gloves. It was just barely above freezing this morning and I expect similar tomorrow.

  14. I still haven’t really taken the plunge in the rain, but I think I might do it this year (looks like that means tomorrow in Memphis).

    I’ve also purchased winter gloves, balaclava, and booties. My feet were what got me indoors for the winter last year.

  15. John says:

    Chicago is raining and cold (very unseasonably cold) I am “on tour” with customers in Salt Lake City (68 and sunny) so no rain gear for me today. Back to the grind (and blog) in chicago on Wednesday. Thinking this week may mark the switch from rain gear to my Mountain Hardwear ski parka (once I make that switch – I wear it until April).

  16. Paul says:

    North West London (UK of course!) was bathed in Autumn sunshine and 14c (57f) and I got out at lunchtime to ride some hills and complete a swift 20 miler. Not strictly a commute, of course as I’m working at home at the moment but as we head towards Winter, I want to savour “warm, sunny and dry conditions before reverting to the Fixed Track bike for the cold, damp and dark months ahead. Supposed to drizzle tomorrow . . .

  17. Dingbat says:

    John, you’re missing a beeeeeyoootiful day here in Chicago: it’s 48 degrees and sunny blue skies.

    As for my commute, I broke out the wool sweater, which I’ll wear with increasingly thick mittens and hats, down to about 20 degrees (and colder if I’m riding hard).

    Our daughter, now three and a half, has a bit more of a seasonal change. It looks like at about 50 degrees she switched over from the trailer-bike to the enclosed trailer, tho’ we’ll see whether she’s interested in switching back.

  18. MaxPower says:

    First 30 degree ride this year in Milwaukee.

    Like that first piece of chocolate after a dental cleaning, nothing is sweeter than that warm shower after the 1st 30 degree ride of the season!! 🙂

  19. Bigger Dummy in Ottawa says:

    Cold and wet this morning in Canada’s Capital- around 32 F (0 Celsius) and somewhat windy. Just back from a trip to Moab last week so it was a bitter pill to swallow.

    I wore a long sleeve coolmax base layer with a fleece lined waterproof coat, thermal lycra knickers with DeFeet Kneekers running from above the knee into the top of my neoprene booties. DeFeet Woolie Boolie socks inside my mountainbike shoes and a thin lycra skull cap and long finger fleece lined gloves and I wore Brooklyn safety glasses for better eye cover in the rain.

    I have switched over to my fixed/free single speed roadie commuter with fenders (28c tires, running at 90 psi), using MTB pedals for easier walking on wet and slippery sidewalks. Hoping to squeek out 6-8 more weeks of commuting with enough base layers and my lights.

  20. kitty says:

    It’s pouring right now here in oakland. An inch an hour!!! Luckily I have the next two days off work but I am desperately seeking a *cute* rainsuit. I have a 35 min. ride to work every day, and then another 35 back. (40 miles a week, rain or shine!)

    The only semi attractive women’s rain pants I’ve found are on REI online, the navara stratos rain pants ($80). And thats only because the butt doesn’t look like a trash bag. I’m also considering rainlegs but they seem to have mixed reviews.

    I just want a nice matching fitted rainsuit made for women in a cute color. Jackets are a dime a dozen, but when it comes to WOMENS rain pants they are almost non existent, let alone a matching rain suit. if anyone has any suggestions please post!!!

  21. superkaos says:

    I ride in Madrid, Spain. I bought a traditional poncho for the rain, nobody mentioned one of those here. I haven’t used it yet as there hasn’t been much rain lately I wonder if I am going to be too hot underneath, I know I am going to look silly but my bike is silly already. It is about 10 degree celsius (50 F) here in the morning in this time of the year. Anybody has had any experience with ponchos?

  22. Well, I was right. This afternoon was my first rainy ride. It was great! I need booties that fit though. The “feet in fishbowl” feeling was fun today, but I’m sure it’ll get old real quick.

  23. Superkaos:

    I used to wear a pancho when it rained and wish I still did. My old one finally wore out. I haven’t been able to find a new one that really fits well. I liked it because I stayed cool with air circulating underneath, unlike pants and jackets. I had loops that fit over the brake handles to keep the front from blowing up and a strap around my waist underneath the pancho. The really only drawback was in high winds where you became a cycling kite.

  24. Matt says:

    Yesterday here in south central Kansas, it was 42 degrees and drizzly. I wore a rain jacket but just my tights over my bike shorts. Today it’s still low 40s but no rain. From now on until it snows, I’ll be wearing tights, thermal cycling jacket and skull cap under my helmet. For rain’ I’ll just add the rain jacket and pants. Also have shoe covers for when it really gets cold.
    I ride down to about 20 degrees, what about the rest of you?

  25. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    When I ride in the rain, I can’t say how much I love my Carradice – cycling – Pro Route Cape and spats. Peter white sells them, but when I bought mine a few years ago, he was out so I ordered my direct from Carradice in England. To buy the cape, spats and helmet cover will cost over $100. but compared to a car they are cheap… only problem, once you have them, it never rains enough… : (

  26. Adam near Philadelphia says:

    When it’s other than sunny and warm, I do layers. Today started out sunny, and around 39 degrees, so it was tights under jeans, t-shirt, sweater, windbreaker and scarf for me. I got rid of the scarf half-way, though, and the return trip will likely see the sweater left in the bag. When it rains though, I’ve got a pair of water-repellent pants, and a jacket. Can’t afford proper waterproofing yet.

  27. Soulfull Commuter says:

    In the Raleigh, NC area it was wet riding home Monday, but a good test of my new dry bag panniers. They passed with flying colors.

    Today the temperature is dropping during the day, but I drove – not because of the weather, but I made my daughter pancakes because she takes the PSAT that counts for National Merit Scholar today and I had to do an 8:00 am presentation at work.

    Planning to ride tomorrow with a forecast of 40’s all day and wet. Might swing by the LBS that has a special on Gore jackets and see fi they have my size.

  28. This morning in Richmond it was a bit chilly and for the second time this week I broke out the windbreaker jacket. This afternoon it started kicking up some rain but just a very light drizzle. I had to get my leather saddle out of the weather but it shouldn’t be bad on the ride home. As far as gear goes, I got a birthday on Sat (29 years) and I am hoping to be the recipient of a merino wool jersey from Rivbike.com at least that is what I asked for. Also, I will be doing a review of my commuter/work shoes on my blog soon as they are supposedly waterproof (find out today) and quite comfy and stylish….Have fun riding in NC!

  29. Today I commuted in a 46 degree rain. Twice this week I’ve worn my rain pants with my rain coat. Once this week, I left both in my panniers since the rain was very light as I started out, then the skies opened and I was soaked to the bone by a cold rain before I was able to stop anywhere, so I rode on wet and miserable to my work. But I continue to ride, not drive every day because I love bicycling.

  30. Action Lad says:

    I don’t ride in the rain. I don’t mind the water, just hate cleaning a rain-soiled trike. Here, in Dallas, TX area, it’s trying to decide what to do. Weeks of rain/drizzle/mist. Recent cold front may have brought sunny, cooler days, and I can start my fall commuting.

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