Planet Bike Blaze 2W : Quick Review

One our new sponsors, Planet Bike, had a pretty incredible new product hit the cycling market in the past week.

Planet Bike Blaze 2W

Planet Bike has a new light called the Blaze 2W. The Blaze 1W has been somewhat of an industry standard for affordable LED or go to product in bike shops. If you want a reliable, durable light that is bright enough but doesn’t go over $50 you would get the Blaze 1W.. Combing the forces and tech heads at Planet Bike, there is now a Blaze 2W!

From :

  • Reinforced alloy midsection
  • High and low power beam along with “SuperFlash” flashing mode
  • “SuperFlash” mode is highly visible, even in daylight
  • QuickCamTM bracket mounts, adjusts or removes in seconds w/o tools
  • High/low/flashing run times of 5/12/18 hours on 2 AA batteries (included)

I’m excited to put this bad boy on my bike this fall and to see how bright “twice as bright” really is.

Disclosure: Planet Bike is a sponsor of

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0 thoughts on “Planet Bike Blaze 2W : Quick Review”

  1. Frank says:

    Ha, figures. I just bought the 1W yesterday…

  2. Tom says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Planet Bike for many reasons, charitable, advocacy, their tail lights, etc. But 2 watts? Big whoop! I can spend $18 on a Cree Q5 light from Hong Kong that blows this baby away, runs on a 4.2v RECHARGEABLE Lithium Ion battery not much bigger than one AA, and with batteries + charger costs LESS than this light by itself. $60 is overpriced for 2 watts of power, really, and AA lights create a LOT of battery waste as most folks won’t use rechargeables. I wish bike light mfg’s would get hip to Li Ion batteries for small commuter lights instead of just the large $100+ lighting systems.

  3. Bull says:

    So this is a review? Really? It looks like all you did was regurgitate some stuff off of their webpage and say “I like.” That’s not a review. That’s shilling for them. Sorry guys. That’s what it is. And I love Planet Bike for all kinds of reasons. Feel free to post a review after you already touch the object you are “reviewing.” I think I’ll retweet this on how not to review a product.

  4. Arleigh says:

    Bull –
    A quick review is about the product, including what the manufacturer has to say about the product. As I just strapped one on to my handlebars you’ll have a “full review.”

    To me it does fill a quick review as you got our opinion on what the light has to offer and why it’s so different. No, we didn’t touch about how the light functions but that wasn’t the goal.

  5. Enhancement Smoker says:

    I’m with Bull. This is not a “quick review”, it is a press release.

    Still, I am looking forward to a real review of the 2W light.

  6. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    I for one like the idea of a quick word then the results of testing. It will show us how honest the manufacture. Keep going Arleigh!

  7. JimG says:

    Thanks for the heads up!. I’m looking forward to the review.

  8. Geof says:

    I’ve been waiting for this light since I discovered it a few weeks back on a website. I’ve been looking around for it at local bikes shops and happened to see it today. I grabbed it, mounted it and preceeded to ride on the Minuteman trail with it.

    I have multiple 1 watt lights from different manufacturers, including the Blaze 1W.

    This light is a joy to use. As a matter of fact, it is too bright to leave on when you approach someone. I felt the need to cover it with my hand as a courtesy to on-coming riders.

    As I was leaving the trail at Alewife a rider who had been behind me caught up and off-handedly said something like “thanks for sharing the light.”

    He had the spock on his bike and is convinced that the Blaze 2W is a real step forward.

    Anyway, instead of packing it in at about 5:30 tonite I went on and rode until just about 9:30 with the light. It throws enough light for me to ride at my usual pace (14 – 18mph) and not be surprised by the road/path surface.

    I’ve owned other rechargeable systems and have also built high output 12 and 18 volt systems for my bike. The Blaze is a convenient and light-weight solution.

    The 2W is a real step up from the 1W. As a matter of fact, if you mount both you can use the 1W in flash mode and the 2 to light your way, or at one point I had the 2W focused on the path farther out and the 1W closer in and I had continuous light in front of me for 30-40 feet or so, definately far enough to see any bumps/holes and detritus on the road and enough lead time to avoid it.

    It’s worth the $60.

  9. Hey Geof,

    A great review! I happened to run the bike shop at the northern end of the Minuteman trail about 5 years ago now.

    Thanks again for the review!

  10. Walt says:

    Your comment said that the Cree Q5 runs on a rechargeable 4.2 Lithium Ion battery. I’ve been looking at the Cree Q5 listings and they all say they run on 3 AAA batteries and recommend alkaline batteries for better power. Can the AAAs be replaced by a 4.2 Lithium Ion battery?

  11. Mike says:

    The Cree Q5 will indeed work on Lithium batteries and some sellers include those batteries and a charger. Ebay is full of such sellers, but you might have to order them from a seller in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, etc.

  12. Andrew says:

    I guess there never was a follow-up full review as promised…

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