A Brake Light for Your Bicycle : The Spooklight

A wireless brake light for your bike, is it possible.   With technology from various industries touching the cycling world now it is exciting to see what new inventions will come about.

Spooklight by 50cycleThe Spooklight made by 50cycles is a waterproof brake light for your bicycle. The light is wireless, allowing freedom for the remote on your handlebars. Recharging off of a USB cable to your computer and you can use the recharged light as a on the road charger for many USB products, like your iPhone.   A few other features such as turn signals you operate from the handlebar, a 60 hour run time on a fully charged light, and the USB recharging feature.

At around $80 (before shipping) I think this light would do well in certain areas.   In my neck of the woods cars would not have a clue what is blinking or flashing, nor would they know that it is turn signals instead of a safety light.   If more bikes came equipped with a light like this I could see the trend, and awareness, catching on.

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0 thoughts on “A Brake Light for Your Bicycle : The Spooklight”

  1. Surlyrider says:

    I need one of these. I can charge my phone and have a brake light? That is good for the dark early mornings that I have. It never gets bright at 5:15am!

  2. A very good idea which could go a long way to shoing drivers bikes do have a place on the road.

    And as an added plus we can park on the pavement/sidewalk and leave the licghts flashing. If delivery drivers are anything to go by it makes traffic wardens ignore you.

  3. Bigger Dummy says:

    For what it is, $80 seems steep.

  4. ScottG says:

    I don’t tend to admit this publicly, but I really would like to see turn signals become popular and common on bicycles. In the urban area where I live, it is frequently very difficult for me to use hand signals and keep my bike in good control at the same time. Between very rough pavement and steep hills, it would be nice to have something I could control from my handlebars.

    Of course you would need front and rear turn signals, and they would have to be easily recognizable as such.

  5. HowardBollixter says:

    I have had a joke for a while that conscientious cyclists never leave their turn signal on, but it seems like a real possibility with this item. Do the handlebar switch panel icons light up as well, to remind you the light is flashing back there?

  6. Nice work guys!
    this is just Amazing!

  7. Action Lad says:

    In response to ScottG:
    “Of course you would need front and rear turn signals,…”

    At the same 50Cycles.com site, you will find Winkku mirror/safety lights. The amber signal is visible front and back, to the sides, and on my low-slung trike, against the ground. Also have running lights that stay on until signal is turned on. I got a pair and they work quite well. Not as bulky in real life as they seem on photos.

  8. DavidInPgh says:


    I gather from another site that describes the light, that there is an indicator light on the control to tell you that the turn signal is on. In hilly and pot-holed Pittsburgh, this could be great- IF/WHEN motor vehicle operators understand the signal.

  9. justin-s says:

    Turn signals on a bike don’t work because they are too close together – you cant easily tell whether the right or left is flashing wihtout being so close that the information won’t help. Hand signals are much more visible, and used for a reason.

    Now, the brakelight part might be useful, but it does seem overpriced.

  10. David Yang says:

    A wireless brake light? check this out: http://www.sungoinc.com/light/products.html

    it seems to be great, and the price you can get it for less than $30, would it be a great choice? would like to hear you guys opinions !

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