Honda is Taking Action for Bicycle Safety

Honda Bike SimulatorOf all companies to invest in safety of people on bicycles, Honda is leading the charge.

Tokyo, Oct 15, 2009 – (JCN Newswire) – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced plans to begin Japan-wide sales starting February 2010, of the Honda Bicycle Simulator developed for the purpose of traffic safety education. By safely experiencing the possible risks bicycle riders may face, users will improve their ability to predict risks and increase safety awareness. In addition, rider evaluation session which will follow the riding simulation will help users learn traffic rules and manners in an enjoyable way.

It will probably take several years for this device to make it to the states, but I hope to see one day something like this for every drivers education class.

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0 thoughts on “Honda is Taking Action for Bicycle Safety”

  1. electric says:

    Ridiculous and quite ironic.

    How about “the man” steps up and takes care of cyclists by re-designing them into the public space instead of saying “good luck”, then chucking styrofoam helmets and road safety simulators at them.

    More driver/cyclist education isn’t the answer, people have been saying it is for a century and yet they’re back at again with a fancy simulator.

  2. Billy Oblivion says:

    The biggest problem with this is that it’s going to expose people to the risks of cycling at a much higher rate than normal, giving them the impression that cycling is more dangerous than it really is.

    One can ride (with moderate care) for HOURS without encountering a truly dangerous situation. This device will hit you with one every minute or two at the longest.

  3. siouxgeonz says:

    Welp, as for the “more dangers thanreal life” — I *think* most humans recognize that the culture of Driver’s Ed is to present you with far more dangers than reality.
    No, this isn’t “the answer,” but itis a positive sign that cycling is being regarded as a legitimate practice — which is necessary before “the man” and “the mother” to deem us worthy ofbeing incorporated into space design.

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