Riding Our Thorn Tandem through the Yellow

We’ve just launched a couple of nice fall specials at the Bike Trailer Shop.

Xtracycle has authorized us to sell Xtracycles FreeRadical Kits for $399. This a great opportunity to get an incredible deal on an Xtracycle through November 2nd. And we also just put up an offer for a Free Wandertec SAX – BOB Trailer Liner with the purchase of a BOB Yak or Ibex Trailer. This sale also runs through November 2nd.

We’ve been enjoying some great Fall weather riding here in Flagstaff. My girlfriend and I took a ride around the San Francisco peaks among the aspens last weekend. We’ve been taking out our new Thorn Tandemjosh-and-melanie-with-thorn-tandem-peaks which we’ve been enjoying as a great all-purpose machine. So far we’ve used it for bike touring, trail riding, road riding and dirt road riding. With its S and S couplers we’ve been able to take it apart and travel by plane with it. The Rohloff hub has been perfect for tandeming, allowing easy shifting even under the rigors of mountain bike and touring tandeming.

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0 thoughts on “Riding Our Thorn Tandem through the Yellow”

  1. Brian says:

    Really excited to see an American with a Thorn Double Marathon Rohloff Tandem. What size is it? How wide are the tires? Does the Thudbuster “pogo” too much? Did you have just the frame or the complete bike sent over?

    1. josh says:

      Thanks for the comments Brian. It tis a great bike and we have really enjoyed it’s stoutness, versatility and being able to travel with it.

      We’ve got the Large/Small frame. 26″ x 2.0″ Schwalbe Marathon XRs. Thudbuster is well appreciated by my girlfriend and she doesn’t mind the pogo for the benefits. We did have the complete bike sent over.

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