This Week in Commuting News

My goal in these weekly round ups are not only to highlight what was talked about here, on Commute By Bike, but across the newswire, blogosphere and maybe even in my shop. As long as it is about commuting, it may find its way here.

  • Bike Centric notifies us that the Bicycle Film Festival is in DC.
  • Art Daily tells about the Trek Line winning the ’09 People’s Design Award
  • Adventure Called Cycling has a video about their cross trip across the U.S
  • London Cyclist tells how to find and plan the perfect cycling trip in the UK.
  • Grand Rapid is becoming a bike friendlier place.
  • Velorution has fabulous photos and recently they talked about scarves.

Right here on Commute By Bike there were many things talked about :

  • A few reviews started this week including Light & Motion Vega 120 &200, and El Duke Degreaser. Both are introductions so please look in the upcoming weeks for detailed test and thoughts.
  • I asked you your thoughts on Electric or Electric Assist Bikes. Many people think it isn’t for them, but it may be the thing to get some non-bikers on bikes.
  • On Friday I mentioned a bicycle exhaust that put out bubbles and planted flowers. The flowers are more like weeds, and it really is more of a gimmic to get kids on bikes. But it would be a great tool to get kids to ride their bike more often.

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0 thoughts on “This Week in Commuting News”

  1. Andreas says:

    Thanks very much for the mention of my blog! I always really like these weekly roundups, good for checking you haven’t missed out on anything. I tend to put together a monthly one but that is because my post schedule is more relaxed.

    1. Thanks Andreas! It’s always nice to do a “catch up”

  2. Cyclin Missy says:

    Good for Grand Rapids! There’s a long way to go yet, but there are good things on the horizon for my city. Let’s keep it up, GR!

  3. brad says:

    Hey, I have had luck with El Duke diluting it as much as 3 parts water to 1 part degreaser. That might solve the container problem you mention in your first go with the campy chain. I also used it to clean my grill which is a pretty cool added feature.

  4. Gary says:

    Thanks for the news

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