Washington D.C BikeStation is Open

Bikestation Washington DC
It is exciting to see the Bikestation program spreading their fingers across the United States.   This facility has not only storage, but bike service, parts, accessories and a changing room.

Bikestation Washington, D.C., which houses over 100 bicycles in 1,600 sq. ft. of free-standing ultra-modern glass and steel design, is part of a growing network of Bikestations and related transit centers springing up in cities across the U.S. that are planned, implemented and often operated by Mobis Transportation/Bikestation. As a completely secure facility available by membership, Bikestation Washington, D.C. represents this new approach to alternative transportation. The facility will be staffed 66 hours per week and available to members 24/7. In addition to secure bike parking, the facility also provides a changing room, lockers, bike rental, bike repair and retail sales. The Bikestation location at Union Station allows commuters to take public transportation to the station, pick up their bicycles and go to work, shopping or entertainment.

Do you have your own story about a Bikestation.   If you have used, or visited any of the Bikestations let us know or show us your pictures.

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0 thoughts on “Washington D.C BikeStation is Open”

  1. DC Staff says:

    One would think that for 4 million dollars this could’ve been built with some sort of climate-control and it wouldn’t leak so damn much!

  2. Scott says:

    While I think this is great, how much use will these stations get?

    One of the reasons I ride my bike is that I can park it directly in front of my office.

    I’d rather leave it locked on the street close by than have to travel to some central location to store my bike then walk/subway/bus back to the office.

  3. Eddie says:


    Certainly don’t know the specifics of location or where most people work in DC, but if people are commuting from the suburbs and need a safe place to store their bike/change in the city-I could see the use.

    You might have to walk or take the metro to the office, but it beats rush-hour auto traffic.

  4. The one thing that is missing from this BikeStation is showers!

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