Black Friday Deals : Madsen Cycles

While the Thanksgiving holiday is looming, I wanted to share with you any/all Black Friday deals I find on commuting gear. Here is numero uno, from Madsen Cycles. The pretty cool utility bike, with the “bucket” for hauling children, Christmas trees and all your in between.

Madsen Creme Bucket
Madsen Creme Bucket

From Madsen Cycles :

Black Friday is upon us in just a few days, and not to be outdone during this season of madness, we’ll be offering the cream bike (bucket or rack) at a deep discount of $400 off, for one day only.
And it doesn’t even require you to get up at 2:00am and be trampled by a bunch of crazies
We’ll also be selling the cream bike with the Dutch Upgrade for $200 off.

We’ve never offered a price that low, and likely won’t again, but we hope those of you who were hoping to get one in time for Christmas can jump on the deal and save some money.

Remember, bikes come fully assembled right to your front door. You just open the box, pull it out, cut a few straps and ride off on your shiny new cargo bike.

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  1. awesome looking bike! fun for kids it looks like

  2. vfgbdf says:


  3. Kevin Love says:

    There is a photo of Sarah Chan transporting her baby in a Madsen at:

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