Velo Orange has a Threadless Bottom Bracket

Grand Cru Threadless BB

When I worked in a shop a few years ago in downtown Washington DC a issue that we came across about once a week, especially during winter, were completely ruined bottom brackets..  A city of bike commuters would abuse their old school Trek and Raleigh bikes, letting the bottom bracket rust out (among other things..  Using our handy cheater bar we would normally be able to break free the bottom bracket that possibly hadn’t seen the daylight since 1970 when the bike was built.  1 out of 10 times, threads would come with the bottom bracket and left the frame about useless.

Velo Orange now stocks a Grand Cru square bottom bracket that doesn’t require threads.  How does it work.  As you screw in the bottom bracket cup it pushes the sleeve out and into your bottom bracket in the frame.  Now round up that “useless” frame you have laying in the basement and fix her up!

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0 thoughts on “Velo Orange has a Threadless Bottom Bracket”

  1. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    Thanks, one day I may need it… But for now I try to pull out my bottom brackets, seat post, threaded stems and other prats ever month, then aply freash grease…
    I learnt that after leaving the bottom bracket in the LHT untouched for three years, includeing winter commuting…

    Also, I still pull frames out of trash piles, so that may come in handy even sooner…

    Bring us MORE to keep our bikes going!!!

  2. I think this will be used more by folks looking to replace a non-english threaded bb than those who have a stripped bb. Most of the folks who have a totaled bb in my area are riding a dept. store bike, and $60 is half the cost of a whole new bike for them. All the same, if it works well it will be pretty handy to have a few rolling around the shop.

  3. Marrock says:

    Just the thing for my old Moto.

    No one in the area can recut the threads in the BB so I can update it’s innards so this will be an ideal solution

  4. Ghost Rider says:

    This is a FAR more elegant solution than the old Mavic BBs that required the installing shop to have a special chamfering tool for the lips of the stripped BB shell — and most shops didn’t.

    Sure, you can rethread a stripped English BB to be Italian, but if you stripped an Italian shell, you were dead in the water without that special tool. Velo Orange SAVES THE DAY once more!!

  5. Kevin says:

    Great. Had the threads on a much loved frame go through about 6 months ago. Built a new bike on a similiar frame but couldn’t bring myself to throw out the old one. Now I can save it.

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