My Commute Today : Wintery Mix

*Photos is from Geo in Madison, WI (not me in the south!)
*Photos is from Geo in Madison, WI (not me in the south!)

Down here in the dirty south we are receiving a winter mix of snow, sleet and ice.. While my readers up north are probably laughing, it is a big deal to the southerners to get 4-8 inches of snow in ONE season. Now we will be getting that much in a day. Schools closed early, and many businesses did as well.

Personally, I rode my bike to work this morning in the sleet and enjoyed every moment about it.. An layer of long johns under my jeans, a wool jacket, Buff for my face/neck and Gore-Tex gloves and I was golden. Even pulled out my Salsa Casseroll with a bit beefier tire and fenders to keep the salt off my feet.

How was the commute where you are?

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0 thoughts on “My Commute Today : Wintery Mix”

  1. Melanie says:

    Boy do I ever applaud those of you commuting in the snow, sleet, ice, and other cold things! Here in the “other” south (i.e. southern AZ), we are quite spoiled at the moment with mid-60’s and no chance of rain, snow, or otherwise. Stay warm out there!

  2. DougRoz says:

    Weather was “descent” this morning on the ride in, but the wintery mix came later. Had full coverage fenders installed and the ride home was a bit more pleasurable. Wore PI wind/waterproof shell pants and gloves, Gore Phantom jacket and a thermal cycling cap under the helmet.

  3. Sam says:

    The commute from Cumming, IA to Des Moines, Ia (about 11 mi) has been treacherous. I live in the country where we received 16 inches of snow last Wednesday and temps have been averaging about 10f with some nasty wind. This mornings commute in on my bagged out old school Schwinn Le Tour Luxe was slow and slippery, at 5 deg windchill and tons of black ice. More snow on the way soon, going back to the 29er! Stay strong in the Snowy South, and be thankful it is only 8 inches!

  4. philosoraptor says:

    I live just a couple of counties away from Bike Shop Girl, and took a nice 40-mile ride during the snowfall this afternoon. Very peaceful and pretty, though I wished that I had had a bit more warmth for my feet!

  5. Matt says:

    Awesome picture!

  6. Sending you all warm thoughts from Phoenix where my commute home today was in about 70 degrees in bright sunshine. I say that with all the best intentions and only minimal gloating, since by the time May rolls around and it hits 100 and up here, I’ll post pictures of cooking eggs on the pavement and so on, and you can gloat back at me.

  7. welshcyclist says:

    I’m just in awe of you commuters in the USA. Here in Wales, we had half an inch of snow the day before yesterday, but temperatures down to -4 degrees centigrade, so ice everywhere. Wimp that I am, I won’t ride when there’s ice about. Nasty fall this time last year has made me a coward. You guys stay warm and safe.

  8. Jeff Moser says:

    Thankfully I live 2 miles from work. The snow and ice have been slow going. It melts slightly and turns to slush by mid day, only to refreeze every night. The ice is taking forever to melt!

  9. Sean says:

    I rode my single speed Cross Check with studded tires on Thursday. It was very cold. -19C but sunny. Roads were mostly clear pavement with patches of ice. A good portion of the bike lanes and paved shoulders were clear too, except for a key bikepath I use to avoid a short but bad section of road. 25km each way and it took me about 15 minutes longer than in the summer with 28c tires.

    Tried some SealSkin chill blocker socks (awesome), thermal bib knickers, Endura BaaBaa wool LS, polar fleece sweatshirt , covered all that with Sugio Firewall softshell pants and jacket and a reflective vest. Descente winter cycling gloves, snowboarding helmet tube (neck tube with a built in lycra hood for under a helmet – awesome find) Oakley ski goggles and an MEC helmet cover. Shoes were Shimano MTB hightops with construction boot felt & foil footbeds, with a pair of MEC neoprene shoe covers stretched over them. A liberal amount of vaseline on my exposed nose and upper lip and some lip balm for good measure. Only my hands got a bit cold, but no frostbite.

    My Dinotte lights lasted both ways on a single charge too so that was good. My gearing is too high for the 35c studs (42 x 16)so I picked up a new 18T freewheel to lighten it up.

    The looks at the office as I strolled in with my bike were priceless 🙂

  10. Micah McKinley says:

    I don’t feel worthy enough to even post a commute line…I live in Los Angeles, and I cycle my SXCheck to work nearly every day of the week (in relatively nice weather.) My greatest challenge is making myself apparent by the nut cases driving with quite a disdain for cyclists. In actuality they see me but don’t care I get sucked in the drag of their Indy speeds.

    I shop at bike shops ad sporting specialty stores looking for excuses to buy layers and waterproof attire for the “just in case” moment I’ll endure a blizzard or a torrential downpour; and actually have a story. So far nothing close to the warrior-like stories I read from many of you. I envy your eventful battles of commute with also a great admiration and respect.

    Happy holidays and keep the commute safe wherever you are out there.

  11. Soulfull Commuter says:

    I had 2 cold related issues this morning. It was about 26 degrees. I was nice and warm but my equipment had issues. First my main front light gave out from the cold. It is a Magic Shine with a separate battery which was freshly charged. I did leave it in the garage overnight, so it started out fairly cold. After it gave out, I unplugged the battery and put it in my clothes. The middle part of my ride has a lot of street lights so my Planet Bike 1 Watt carried me through. When I got to the second trail I take, I reconnected the battery. I worked for a few more minutes and gave out again. By then I was getting some pre-dawn light and I was ok with only the Planet Bike 1 Watt again.

    But then I had a second issue. My gears did not want to shift. I think I picked up enough moisture from the path and some parts of the deraillers froze.

    My plan to avoid these issues is to use the longer cord that came with the light and keep the battery warmed by my body.

    For the gears, a good cleaning and a little lube will hopefully keep this from happening again this week.

    Any other ideas for the cold?

  12. BluesCat says:

    I’m in the same boat as Micah. Living in Phoenix, we have such great biking weather here that the second it even THREATENS rain I am such a wimp I retreat to the safety of the car.

    You folks riding with studded tires on the snow and ice truly shame me. Stay safe, you guys.

  13. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    Roads have been snowy and slick with the snow turned to snot by motorists spinning their tires. A trial that takes my commute away from traffice for half my ride is now too deep in snow. The portion of the trial only opened eariler this year, but the suburb town won’t plow it. So, I’m back to 9 miles of each way.. Temps have been down to -8F, but are lows are now in the teens. My Euro bike with IHG and fully chain case rocks. The chian case has turned white with all the salt, but the chain is nice and clean… When the temps were <-5f and the roads were at their worst with snow, I did throw my bike on the bus for the morning commutes 3 mornings. All most every day I see atleast one other bike commuter, if not 5 to 10. On the down side, I've lost count of the motorist who have driven to harras me over the last two weeks….
    Along with the rest of America who will not change to save the world from climate change, I'm not changing… : ) 100 + miless a week by bike and 0 inces by car….

  14. Britt in Spokane says:

    I recently moved from Santa Fe, NM to Spokane, WA and have been enjoying my bicycle commute in the Inland Northwest. Although the weather was better in Santa Fe, the car drivers were rude and obnoxious, with at least one a day purposefully trying to push me off the road. Here in Spokane, the drivers are much more courteous and seem to respect cyclists as legitimate users of the roads. Because of that, I’m biking to work much more often than I did in NM and I’m gradually picking up cold-weather clothing to make the commute bearable. My coldest commute so far was 23 degrees F this morning, which was surprisingly pleasant once the sun rose. I’m bracing for 15 degrees tomorrow morning. I think I have an old balaklava I used for skiing somewhere in the closet that’s going to get pulled out tonight! I haven’t invested in studded tires yet, but they’re on my list since I had to leave the bike at home when it snowed a couple of weeks ago. I was restless all week without getting my cycling fix in! My husband has been working from home since we moved, and he’s been riding me in to work and picking me up again at the end of the day. I’m jealous that I only get to ride 15 miles a day, but he gets 30 miles every day!

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