National Bike Summit 2010

National Bike Summit 2010

March 9-11, 2010
Washington, D.C.

Make sure to ask for the time off, or schedule your spring vacation around the 2010 National Bike Summit.   I’m doing my best to be there this year, please let me know if you will also be there so we can meet and greet!

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0 thoughts on “National Bike Summit 2010”

  1. Eric Rogers says:

    I’ll be there for the third time. It’s a great event to meet bike advocates from around the country and get some great face time with your Congressional members. Meeting them in DC has been very helpful for our local advocacy efforts back at home.

  2. Bob Birmingham (MontclairBobbyB) says:

    I plan to attend the Summit for the first time, on behalf of JORBA (Jersey Off Road Bicycling Association), and as a member of IMBA and the NJ Bicycling Coalition. I also hope to represent those in my state who would like to ride their bikes for transportation as well as pleasure.

    My plan is to arrive at the Summit by bike, but the logistics are proving to be a great challenge. I live in NJ, and have requested permission from AMTRAK to roll my bike on a train in Princeton. (I refuse to pack my bike in a box and travel to a major train station, sorry. This totally defeats the spirit of being able to travel by bike and train, and AMTRAK needs to hear this loud and clear!) If my request is denied, I will likely drive to a location near Washington (shame), and ride into town. And regardless I will make sure AMTRAK (and other modes of mass-transit) is included on our agenda when we meet with our Congressional representatives on Thursday.

    I hope others will seriously consider riding their bikes to the Summit, whether unaided (bravo), or combined with other modes of transportation, so that they can at least pedal to the summit.

    See you there!

  3. Eric Rogers says:

    Amtrak is firm on the packed bike policy. There are only a few places (like here in Missouri) where we have negotiated special policies for rolling your bike on board.

    Have you considered a folding bike? I take a Dahon on Amtrak regularly and it works very well. It seems like a folder would be a perfect fit for traveling by train from New Jersey to DC.

    Also, the bike parking facility at the conference center in DC will be overflowing, so a smaller bike will make it easier for to park at the conference.

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