Portland's New 20 Year Bike Plan

There is a new bike plan for Portland, this plan has many layers, with a completion date of 2030, seems to have many hopes for gaining momentum.

“Yesterday the Bureau of Transportation released the final version of the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030. This version reflects many changes – some large, some small – to the public comment draft released back in October. Meanwhile, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and a new activism group, TransConPDX are gearing up for a final push to raise awareness about the plan before it’s adopted by Portland City Council on February 4th.” –BikePortland.org

It will be exciting to see how many new cyclist the plan can pull in, especially in this US based city that many cycling Americans hold as the “go to cycling city..   Many are trying to mirror what Portland has done for cycling as an alternative transportation and lifestyle.   We will be keeping our eyes on the numbers to see how Portland keeps people on bikes, or gets new people to become cyclist.

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0 thoughts on “Portland's New 20 Year Bike Plan”

  1. William says:

    WOW Nice. I wish my area had a plan to increase bike lanes and such. I’d love to live in an area where there was more access to safe bike routes. At least they added bikes lanes to the road right next to my house…It was horrible trying to get to work and constantly having to aviod cars and trucks. Way to go Portland.

  2. John B. says:

    The Portland people need to check out that video Kevin Love posted a couple threads ago of the Dutch bicycle infrasture. If they can make Portland half that good, it should be awesome.

    I didn’t see if it was mentioned in the plan, but one of the easiest and biggest impact things they could do is just allow cyclists to “yield” at stop signs. Stopping and starting is such a PITA. Being able to roll from point A to point without losing momentum makes riding so much more effecient and goes a long way toweards enticing people to ride for their short-distance trips.

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