One World Two Wheels : Basics of Commuting By Bike Video

A great video provided by and their advocacy program, One World Two Wheels.

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0 thoughts on “One World Two Wheels : Basics of Commuting By Bike Video”

  1. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    Hope there will be other videos.. for the next level of bike commuting.. You’ve got a bike, like commuting.. Now dealing with discomfort, does cycling have to be that way?
    Then getting a second bike, one that will carry more and do things that the first starter bike doesn’t…
    Increasing the commuting year with GOOD lights and WICKING clothes…
    Also, learning about the laws, not just a breif read like motorists, but a true understanding. Like where to ride on the road and why and the laws.
    When I started bike commuting I had to learn everything off the internet as there was NO bike-culture..

  2. Soulfull Commuter says:

    It is a nice introduction. I would have covered panniers, a front rack, and a basket for carrying stuff before going to a trailer.

    And of course route planning is very big. When I started examining the maps closer I found much better roads than the ones I had been riding on. Now I don’t even use those roads because I switched to the local greenways. It moves my ride from 7.5 to 10 miles but not dealing with cars makes it well worth it.

  3. Mark says:

    I’m glad to see that they made this video. However, I have to disagree with the suggestion of using only a cable lock, especially since the bike she had looked somewhat expensive. A cable is a good idea to secure the wheels and saddle, but in a lot of areas, you’re going to want something more substantial like a bicycle-specific chain or U-lock for the frame. I say bicycle-specific because ordinary chains from a hardware store are not made to resist bike thieves’ attacks, and are more easily cut.
    Aside from that criticism, I think this was a good video, and I hope that it will encourage more people to commute by bike.

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